Song of the Day: Accidents Will Happen by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

My first post this month, a few days late but I don’t think I’ll ever get back into daily posting? Call me totally crazy because just as I’m getting into letter “A” of my SOTD posts a little bit, I’m now going back right to almost the very start to included some songs I’d missed last year! After saying last year I’m wasn’t going to do every single Nick Cave song, guess what? I’ve changed my mind now! I think, I am going to try to blog them all from now on, OK?

Here’s the very first one I skipped which was released as a B-side of 2008’s Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! which was the lead single/video clip and off course, the title track too of that year’s album by The Bad Seeds. So Accidents Will Happen was it’s B-side, you know? You might remember that NC&TBS album was sandwiched in-between the couple of Grinderman albums. Those albums were the very last on his long time record label Mute he/them have been with since early 80’s before starting his own label to release all his own music in the early 2010’s, does anyone really care about his/their record label? It was also founding NC&TBS member Mick Harvey last album too. What above his lyrics, really nothing wrong with these and don’t know why it was only used as a B-side? You could say it could be a bit a theme around the Grindman/Lazarus late-2000’s albums, if you know what I mean? The Accidents Will Happen lyrics are:

All the dreams you’re having
You stole them all from me
I was having dreams like that
Back in 1973

Groovy Boo is banging the ivories
In his ancient overcoat
Stuffing all his rage and anger
Down that old piano’s throat

Accidents will happen
That’s what accidents are for
Accidents will happen
And an accident is just an accident

I walk through the swinging door
See my old girl Mabel
Her jawbone hits the floor
And her eyeballs roll around the table

In a clever act of misdirection
I manage with some finesse
To scale the ladders in her stockings
And creep into her dress

Accidents will happen
We’ve all had ’em many times before
And coincidences are just accidents
Nothing less and nothing more

I come around when she expects it the least
She always looks so strange and tragic
She comes on like some juju priest
Laying down her own brand of magic

She tells me that she’ll be true
She ain’t the type to keep her promises
I used to be down with the faithful man
Now I’m hanging with the doubting Thomases

‘Cause accidents keep happening
This old world was born from one
There are servants they don’t govern
And I don’t put too much faith in them

Well, let me tell you a little more about Mabel
She is shaped like an inverted ducks pond chair
I roll out my tongue when she walks past
Fix her with my famous jelly-eyed stare

Her husband is a Cro-magnum man with a magnum
He recites the second amendment, Jim
Well, accidents will happen
I’m hoping one might happen to him

We’re accidents waiting to happen
You know they’ll be happening for all time
While you’re having yours
I’ll be having mine

Maybe you and I will get it together
You and I, we will get in together
You and I, we will get it together
You and I, we will get it together

Maybe, someone pointed out that Elvis Costello had a big hit with a song with the very same name? I’ve never been a huge fan of his. Is it going to be very weird? Because the extra bonus song is going to be the big hit and today main track is just a B-side for my post today but go figure! So from EC 1979 Armed Forces third studio album here’s his Accidents Will Happen song to finish today’s post, sorry to anyone who would want it the other way around!

NC on a staircase in the late 2000’s!

Cheers! 🙂


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