Song of the Day: Adam’s Ribs by You Am I

Got some early 90’s Aussie indie rock to start your weekend morning, if you wanna check it out? It’s now going to be the second “Adam” name song to be included in my SOTD posts, after last year’s first one I did which was simply called Adam’s Song by Rabbit Island, linked here if you missed that one and want to check it out tooo?

As you can see had a video clip promo to go with it. Adam’s Rids is fourth track on their 1993 album entitled Sound As Ever. Their debut album produced by Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth and was recorded at Pachyderm Studio in rural Cannon Falls, Minnesota. A little tiny band you’ve never heard of called Nirvana had just packed up after recorded their In Utero album, you know? Adam’s Rids was the first single/video of three to be released from this album, the biggest single/video was the next one called Belin Chair but my own personal fave would be the third single/video entitled Jaimme’s Got A Gal. In triple J’s Hottest 100 all three tracks placed Jaimme at #77, Adam at #50 and Belin at #23 in 1994’s countdown, I would say they all should have been higher but I’ve said that kind-of thing before, haven’t I? Then whole album Sound As Ever is well worth checking out, if never have? Or it’s been a long/short time since you last listen, have yet another listen because it’s just embedded below!

Original drummer Mark Tunaley leaved You Am I before this album was even released being replaced by Rusty Hopkinson who’s been on the drum kit ever since but Tunaley can be seen in this video above. Tim Rogers is the singer and guitar player, Andy Kent has been pretty much always been the bass player of You Am I. Fun fact today: You Am I formed in Sydney, Australia but Tim Rogers was born in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, which is like the central desert gold minding town if you look at it on a map but he was in Perth the states capital by primary school and then he was over in Sydney by high school where he formed the earliest line-up of what would become You Am I. Also I’ve just started reading his memoir titled Detours of 2017, maybe should post something when I’ve finished reading it? Anyone else out there already read it?

It’s the very young looking Tim Rogers of You Am I, as you can see it’s taken straight from the video clip!

Cheers! 🙂


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