Song of the Day: Alexander by The Peep Tempel

So if you remember or maybe not? I did do a couple of “Alexandra” tracks last year in my SOTD posts but didn’t do “Alexander” songs so making up for that today! It’s the third Aussie Rock song in a row for you too! Alexander song was the seventh track from what is The Peep Tempel’s last album or their third album entitled Joy of 2016. Last year both the singer-songwriter and rhythm section of The Peep Tempel released a couple of albums that wasn’t The Peep Tempel. Stewart Rayner bassist and Steven Carter drummer formed new band called Shepparton Airplane a little bit earlier but did released an album called Sharks in early 2020. Then later last year Blake Scott did the debut solo album called Niscitam which did make my own top ten albums of 2020 list, you know? Please do have listen to the whole Joy album by The Peep Tempel:

Seems I was talking about them, here’s Shepparton Airplane’s Sharks album of last year:

Also here’s Blake Scott’s Niscitam album of last year, yet again posted on my blog:

It’s a wet night in Melbourne with TPT, I think it’s Stewart Rayner, Steven Carter and Blake Scott (right-left)

Cheers! 🙂


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