Song of the Day: All Day Venus by Adalita

Yet more Aussie rock for anyone who wants it on your Sunday morning? That’s the title track from her last solo album from way bay in 2013. As far I know she has been working on a follow-up album for at least a couple of year, maybe even more by now? Is it going to be finished in 2021 and released? I don’t know when, hopefully sometime soon than later? Anyone who doesn’t know about her, she from the epic wicked 90’s Aussie indie rockers Magic Dirt from Geelong. Google them and check them out, if you’ve never heard them? These SOTD posts are getting shorter and shorter no matter who the act is, I guess I don’t have to talk a load of rubbish about whoever it is? Here’s a cool live version of the song from Melbourne community radio triple R with dancing children:

The All Day Venus lyrics are:

I sit
On a wick
Combing my hair out
I swim
On a whim
In green and linden
All day rest
In my shell
I sit
Keep it
Keeping it hidden
I wish
For good things
It’s so warm in here
All day rest
In my shell
All day rest
Is it her
She must’ve been an all day Venus
I’m born again
I’m lost inland
Does it make you feel clean
When you see me come out of the sea?
Do you adore me?
Do you give birth?
Do you make the earth turn for me?

It’s A wearing a Dead Moon t-shirt!

Cheers! 🙂


    1. Oh yeah, MD were bloody great live and i think, we might have talk about them before? Her couple of solo albums are really wicked, if you’ve not check them out? Highly recommend ! Cheers mate 🙂


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