Song of the Day: All In The Same Room by Fia Fiell

This Monday morning post is yet more Aussie music but it’s not rock, it’s electronic music! A wicked chilled out tune to start your week, if you wanna listen? I love her tooo bits and did posted her already in my SOTD posts last year but just can’t help myself to post up this one today! Linking that song/post here, if you want to check it out? Just in case you missed her last time? It’s the title track from her second release of 2018, including the whole album below from Bandcamp too, if you want to check the whole thing?

Even more? Looks like I tracked down a few older songs from VA comp albums by FF included on/in that last post/last year about her. The newest song was on yet another VA comp album of last year, track number four is Amend on Chapter Music label of Melbourne entitled Midnight Meditations, it’s more piano song that electronic song. Back story is she been playing piano since her childhood:

Still more? Side-project working as a duo with Max Kohane was called Rolling Mass who released Prime Unity EP in 2017:

Yet more? Beat Magazine which is Melbourne street press/website has something called “Beats On Beat” and #9 was FF with 55 mins. of 2020:

My fingers are crossed for a brand new album or something in 2021 too but that’s way more than just one song today, should keep you busy for a while?

It’s FF but her real name is Carolyn Schofield is wearing positive energy t-shirt!

Cheers! 🙂

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