Song of the Day: All I Get Is The Girl by Primitive Calculators

It’s yet more Aussie music but it’s late 70’s punk for Tuesday morning from a band most people don’t know about, have you heard of them before? I think, I would call the Primitive Calculators one of my most faves of at least the lesser well-known acts in Melbourne late 70’s punk scene. The SOTD track I’m featuring today is a bonus track on the reissue of their debut self-titled album which was the live recording because they couldn’t get into a recording studio so a friend of the band Alan Bamford just recorded a live set which they were supporting The Boys Next Door in Sept. 1979 at the venue called the Hearts in North Carlton. Released in the early 80’s, All I Get Is The Girl was also recorded live at Champion Hotel, Fitzroy in 1979 too. They soon broken up but then reissue was put out by Chapter Music label in 2004 and the Nick Cave connection is kind-of how I discovered them plus also a reformed PC in mid-80’s for cool Aussie movie entitled Dogs In Space starring a very young Michael Hutchence. Then in 2009 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ ATP Aussie tour somehow got them to reform again, I did blog about this last year linked here for more. Then by 2013 finally recorded the debut studio album entitled The World is Fucked and then second studio album followed in 2016 entitled On Drugs but then founding member of Primitive Calculators Frank Lovece passed away in 2018 so ending the band. That is the very, very brief history of this band so other reissues of early recordings have been made available and well worth hurting down, linking here full discography of them but here’s the reissue of that debut album by PC to start with:

Extra bonus thingy today is a very cool wicked doco of Primitive Calculators’ China tour of a few years ago. Not just focusing on themselves but also the local indie experimental scene with bands, artists, local venues in different cities and how they all make it work within the China system:

It’s PC in the late 70’s!

Cheers! 🙂


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