Song of the Day: All Wrong by Morphine

It is back to the 90’s for this week’s Wednesday’s post with more indie rock! This time from Boston, U.S.A. It’s a three piece band with strange line-up of two string bass played a lot with slide, saxophone sometimes two at once and drum kit and some odd vocals. It was Mark Sandman on vox and bass, Dana Colley on the baritone and tenor saxophonist and Jerome Deupree was the original drummer which this album was his last in Morphine. The story goes Sandman called up Deupree to ask if he would play on the demos for their next album because he already leaved the band after touring their debut album entitled Good of 1992. Then this demo became the second studio album called Cure For Pain of 1993. Billy Conway would be Morphine’s drummer on the rest of the albums. I think, it was their third album entitled Yes of 1995 was the most well known for them. Cure For Pain did have some very well remembered songs/singles/video clips but All Wrong was an album track or non-single/video but I love to death this full album, it’s well worth checking out Cure For Pain album, if you never have or it’s been a longtime since the last time you listen to them? Having a couple more records but they’re really only a 90’s band but I guess, they did form in the late-80’s but then because Mark sadly passed away in 1999, having a heart attack during a concert in Italy. It’s the full album of Cure For Pain:

OK, I’ve got sick of doing more “All” something songs because they’re just tooo much! So this one now is the second last one yet again! That means nine more tracks have been added to my SOTD posts to whatever it was I blogged last year? Only one more “All” something song tomorrow, what can it be? Sorry to all the “All” songs I’ve missed out! Please feel free to share any “All” something song/s, maybe your fave or the first one you can think offf, if you like toooo below?

It’s Mark Sandman on left, Dana Colley in the middle but I think, that’s Billy Conway with half his face cut-out of the frame on the left.

Cheers! 🙂



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