Song of the Day: All The Pretty Little Horses by Current 93 & Nick Cave

Yet more 90’s indie music but All the Pretty Little Horses also known as Hush-a-bye is a traditional lullaby, it has inspired dozens of recordings and adaptations including this one I’m posting today. As well inspired the title of Cormac McCarthy’s 1992 novel All the Pretty Horses. Nick Cave guest vox on Current 93 album of 1996 which this was the title track too, that’s the same year Bad Seeds released Murder Ballads album. Current 93 are an English band that’s been going since the early 80’s, a guy called David Tibet has been Current 93’s only constant member since 1982. On this album they’re a couple of versions of All The Pretty Little Horses, the second one is the one sung by NC which is the second last track on that album and then the closing track is entitled Patripassian is kind-of spoken word done by NC too so including it as bonus extra song for the Thursday morning post:

So is it a bit silly to include three “All” something songs sung by NC in the last few days/week or something? It’s the third one, if you’ve not been keeping track and they’re all are covers too! Have I missed something? But I don’t think he’s written a song starting with the word “All”? So it’s finishing my second round of songs beginning with the word “All” too. Maybe, another kind-of post tomorrow because I’m getting bored of just doing SOTD each day so something different, OK?

NC (left) with Current 93 main man David Tibet!

Cheers! 🙂


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