End of the Month New Music list: Feb. 2021

Secord month of 2021 coming to an end today so here’s my recap for you, if you care? It’s a top ten this time, hopefully that’s not too much music to check out in one go, if you’ve not already listened to these yet?

As The Love Continues by Mogwai tops the UK charts with their 1st number one album after 25 years or something? My very short review is this record is just tooo beautiful for such times we live in:

CARNAGE by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis dropped totally shock and surprise release of this year already, knew they were working on something but didn’t think it would pop-up so quickly! Released under the duo names which previously only put out movie soundtracks. The Bad Seeds drummer Thomas Wydler does play on one song Old Time which I think is my fave, so far but it’s maybe tooo early really because it was only released a couple of days ago:

Me & Ennui Are Friends, Baby by Sarah Mary Chadwick who’s New Zealand born Melbourne based singer-songwriter has her wicked cool seventh solo album released this month:

Lโ€‹.โ€‹W. by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard has yet another brand new album, their 17th or something? Dropped only a couple of days ago so tooo early to really say much other that I love this guys but you might know that already?

Here’s wicked cool debut album by new-ish Aussie singer-songwriter with echo by Indigo Sparke:

Great news of the month! Finally Blue Hills by Jonnine is now on Bandcamp and maybe, other streaming platforms for everyone to listen too or even buy! If you need reminding, that was the best album or my fave album of 2020:

Stand alone brand new song of the month is the almost ten mins. epic The Only Baby by John Grant:

Let’s call it, the soundtrack song of this month On Your Way Now by Sharon Van Etten:

Cover song of the month can be Sounds of Then (This is Australia) by Sarah Blasko, originally by GANGajang in 1985:

Finishing with my pick of video clip of the month, winning for me is Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Matt Sweeney back together again with Hall Of Death. Which is from brand new album coming soon entitled Superwolves out on April 30th:

So that’s my month of February new music list recos! What do you think of all them?

Mogwai has the monthly featured image this time, lucky them!

Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Oh well, i hope you’ve been enjoying them as much as me?
      Carnage is pretty epic, hey? the stripping down to the duo doesn’t seem to hurt, maybe even very logical after the Ghosteen album? but i think, seeing a couple things were the main reason is it not really a Bad Seeds album is because of C-19 rules and all the members are all over the world so they all couldn’t make it to London in the middle of lock-down! i was just reading Ellis saying he was the only one person staying at a hotel for a while making it, he had the whole place to himself, which is pretty funny in kind-of RedRum The Shining way or something? also solo Warren just released this 40+ min. instrumental track too which I only just found out about yesterday which he even recorded at that empty hotel:

      myself kind-of when offf Bonnie P B for awhile, he was getting bit samey or something? but been enjoy those covers he’s been doing with Bill C, some more that others but that first Superwolf album with Matt S is most likely one of my most fave albums of all his stuff he ever done and always wanted them to do another until now never have! i think, that is the second song released from it so here’s the first one which you might know about or not?

      Cheers Kev ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Once again, William, you’ve given us a lot of music to check out! Based on your glowing mini-review, I gave the entire Mogwai album a listen and, like you say, it’s a beauty. And the cover of Sarah Mary Chadwick’s album certainly leaves little to the imagination LOL.

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    1. oh well, once again just sharing some really wicked music I’ve been digging last month, it’s all cool so i couldn’t cut it down or anything? Maybe i should type a little bit more about each release or something? Glad you dug Mogwai! Did you know? Sarah M C has had her own drawings/paintings that are sexually explicit or naked self-portraits or something like that on her older album’s front covers, you know? Before her solo albums, she was in this Kiwi in-your-face indie rock act called Batrider too, they’re totally wicked! if you do have a listen to any of her songs? as you put it by just looking at the new album cover, she certainly leaves little to the imagination in her music too! anyway i guess, it’s also pretty funny tooo!
      Cheers dude ๐Ÿ™‚

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