Aussie Rolling Stone mag 50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time #42: Beasts Of Bourbon

by Adalita of Magic Dirt:

The first time I encountered the Beasts of Bourbon I was a young uni student, just initiating myself into the alternative music scene after a steady teenage diet of American Top 40 and Eighties mainstream pop. I fuelled my musical about-face with their excellent cover of hillbilly murder ballad “Psycho”, which then led me to their thick and oozy third album Black Milk – both very important musical stepping stones, opening my eyes and ears to heavier sounds and tougher music which I was really starting to crave.

What I love about the Beasts of Bourbon is the authenticity. It’s real, they’re real, the real fucking deal. The fuel behind the fire has been exhaustively researched with real people, moving bodies, endurance tests, living. It’s all been deep-dived, survived and then tabled and brought to you. You’re basically getting pure chthonic information, life blood. Not only are they authentic but they’re exceptional at what they do. They have the killer skills.

“We could hold our own but under their black and sticky wing we became willing and gleeful rock‘n’roll initiates once more.”

Tex is one of the greatest front people ever and Brian (RIP) and Spencer (RIP) are two of my favourite musicians ever. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with the Beasts on many occasions, one of them being a national tour with Magic Dirt and Rowland S Howard in 2007. We could hold our own but under their black and sticky wing we became willing and gleeful rock‘n’roll initiates once more.

Watching them every night was a wakeup call. All thunder, power, danger, exhilaration. Intimidating and awesome, at times liver-splittingly hilarious, this is how you fucking do it. They work hard to bring the music into being and to deliver it with the passion that they do, but the Beasts don’t need to try, they just are. That’s what makes ’em so damn cool.

That’s latest version of BOB of 2019 with tiny pic of MD.

Outro: It’s my 4th re-post of RS list, following straight on from the last one so I’m not cutting out any numbers/acts, this time! Embedding both the Beasts’ video clip of Psycho of 1984 and the full album of Black Milk of 1990 as kind-of recommend by Adalita above. It’s been something like eight years since Adalita’s last solo album, she’s been working on her third solo album for a while now so is she might finish it in 2021? Here’s the video clip from her last one, Trust Is Rust from All Day Venus of 2013 and ending with Magic Dirt last video clip White Boy from Girl album of 2008:

Cheers! 🙂


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