(My Own) 100 Greatest Australian Artists of All-time

Intro: yet another insane list posted on my blog today! As I say in the brackets it’s my own which meaning who’s the very most important to me personally, OK? It’s a mix of currently working acts and acts no longer working or from the past. Mainly really kicking off in late 70’s but they’re some before that time. Anyway I’m humbly suggest are the best or I should say just love the very most, OK? I guess, inspired by or because of that edited down version of RS mags top 50 list I’ve been re-posting earlier this month, thinking about it while re-posting those and as you can see, I’d had to double the grand total number plus are in some kind-of order. Amazingly with numbers 1 to 100 which I don’t normally do on anything, you might notices is a bit different for me? Take all this with a grain of salt because I could easy re-order it tomorrow or sometime? You know, because I don’t rate things, never really have here on my blog but I think, it does a pretty good job showing what I do love the most or the very, very best!

Also trying something totally different that’s might be a bit odd too, I’m linking one song below, it’s a bit of a mystery because I’m NOT naming it below in this post itself? By clicking on the link below should take you to one track on YouTube I’ve decided is a good one to represented the acts’ whole back catalog. If you wanna go clicking mad you can see/hear if I did a good/not bad job at picking just one track? I guess, it’s more or mostly indie acts and bigger part of it is punk stuff included below too! Let’s finish this long intro thingy and just get on with it, here is my very own 100 Greatest Australian Artists of All-time:

  1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  2. The Drones
  3. HTRK
  4. The Triffids
  5. Ed Kuepper
  6. Dirty Three
  7. The Necks
  8. Augie March
  9. Magic Dirt
  10. Kev Carmody
  11. The Paradise Motel
  12. Lost Animal
  13. Eddy Current Suppression Ring
  14. Beasts Of Bourbon
  15. Laughing Clowns
  16. Primitive Calculators
  17. Scientists
  18. My Disco
  19. Sarah Blasko
  20. Archie Roach
  21. Paul Kelly
  22. You Am I
  23. The Birthday Party
  24. The Go-Betweens
  25. The Saints
  26. King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard
  27. Regurgitator
  28. Seekae
  29. Jen Cloher
  30. Jimmy Little
  31. Dave Graney ‘N’ The Coral Snakes
  32. Died Pretty
  33. Hard-Ons
  34. The Cruel Sea
  35. Rowland S. Howard
  36. Severed Heads
  37. The Avalanches
  38. X
  39. The Blackeyed Susans
  40. Warumpi Band
  41. Don Walker
  42. Holly Throsby
  43. Tumbleweed
  44. The Mark Of Cain
  45. Cosmic Psychos
  46. GOD
  47. Courtney Barnett
  48. Not From There
  49. theredsunband
  50. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu
  51. Alex Cameron
  52. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists
  53. Venom P. Stinger
  54. Crime & The City Solution
  55. Divinyls
  56. Hoodoo Gurus
  57. The Church
  58. The Reels
  59. The Meanies
  60. Essendon Airport
  61. Pel Mel
  62. Use No Hooks
  63. Bluetile Lounge
  64. Ricaine
  65. Palm Springs
  66. Witch Hats
  67. PVT
  68. Gerling
  69. Lubricated Goat
  70. Little Ugly Girls
  71. The Lighthouse Keepers
  72. Australian Crawl
  73. Custard
  74. Abbe May
  75. Spencer P. Jones
  76. Ben Salter
  77. Vic Simms
  78. Stephen Cummings/The Sports
  79. Charlie Marshall & The Body Electric
  80. UV Race
  81. Tendrils
  82. The Victims
  83. Manikins
  84. Bird Blobs
  85. The Fauves
  86. TISM
  87. High Tension
  88. The Nation Blue
  89. Kirin J. Callinan
  90. The Peep Tempel
  91. Deaf Wish
  92. Snowman
  93. Beaches
  94. Standish/Carlyon
  95. The Clouds
  96. Falling Joys
  97. The Celibate Rifles
  98. Daddy Cool
  99. Kylie Minogue
  100. AC/DC

That is it, what do you think? What or who did you click on? I bet no one clicked on all one hundred? Maybe, should have just made a playlist! I don’t know why I haven’t done something like this before because I do bang on about Aussie music a little bit! So some musicians appear under different acts but I’ve try to limited them. Like it’s Warren Ellis who seem to has top the first muso to be in a couple of acts, both in top ten which are Dirty Three and The Bad Seeds also he was in line-ups of both The Blackeyed Susans and Charlie Marshall & The Body Electric, you know?

After editing out or not re-posting both Kylie and Acca Dacca from Aussie RS mag list, I’ve included them as the closing couple acts as number #99 and #100 so kind-of changing my mind already. It could be say it’s 99 Aussie acts I prefer before AC/DC as well. Sorry to everyone who missed but I can’t include everyone, even with 100 on the list I’ve missed some really great ones out. So I could have easy most likely done 150 or 200 or something? But above is my own version of what I think is most important Aussie music in my very, very biased opinion. Like I’d kind-of say above in the intro it seems I’ve culling out a lot of the well-known or more mainstream acts but they don’t really need me to list them because they’re on just about every other list like this eg. the RS mag that I was just kind-of re-posting. Well, I did think very briefly to blog a post per act or breaking it down into five or ten or something per post but that might be even more mad, what do you think? But it gives you, dear reader/listener no idea about who each artist is? Other than one song, which might be a big huge problem! If you google them hopefully you’ll find something about them? Wanna ask any questions about any artist/s above, please do?

Love to know, who your own favorite Aussie acts are too, please? Love to see/hear any other bloggers doing your own list too? Or have you already do it, please give me a link or something? Anyone else readers/listeners or even bloggers that can’t be fucked doing something as long as this? Do you what to say something about it all! Please do below?

As you can see I’ve just used the front cover of that RS mag, I didn’t know what other image to use? Off course my own list some of these artists are missing, not that they’re bad or anything, you know?

Cheers! 🙂


  1. From reading your blog over the past few years, I’ve come to know about more Australian artists, so agree with many of your picks. And I know you’re not generally a fan of mainstream, or especially pop music, but if I were to compile a list of my favorite Aussie artists, Tame Impala and INXS would be near the top. And some of the indie artists I particularly love are Sydney bands Crystal Cities, Beating Hearts Club, and Thunder Fox – all of whom I’ve featured on my blog over the past year.

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  2. There’s always a tension between objectivity and subjectivity. My subjective list would probably have The Go-Betweens, The Hoodoo Gurus, and Paul Kelly in the top ten, while I think only Kelly would make a more objective top ten.

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      1. Blasko would without a heartbeat make my subjective list. I love her too. I may put together a top ten list in the next few weeks. It would make for an exciting project. On my list you would definitively find the likes of Powerfinger and INXS. The rest is really a toss of a coin as to who would make it.

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      2. Oh well, look forward to that, if and when you do? It was fun myself putting it together but I think, I might have just gone a little over the top? Cheers Robert 🙂

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