Song of the Day: Albino Slug by Scratch Acid

I guess, Scratch Acid are now kind-of remember as a pre-band before The Jesus Lizard but does everyone know who that is anyway? I think, The Jesus Lizard should have been a household name back in the 90’s like Nirvana or something? Nirvana did give them a B-side so they did kind-of have a big hit once, linked here. I did blog about yet another kind-of side-project of The Jesus Lizard last year in my SOTD posts too, linked here. So maybe, one day I will do a SOTD post about The Jesus Lizard themselves?

I should really tell you something about Scratch Acid, the band I’m suppose to be blogging about today? They formed in Austin, Texas in 1982 and can easy be file under noise rock but my SOTD pick is most likely one of their less harsh songs. Also it’s an instrumental without any of vox by David Yow. Both Yow and bassist David Wm. Sims later would form The Jesus Lizard, that’s the link if you need it explained? In truth, I really couldn’t help myself to included it or because it’s called Albino Slug in my letter “A” songs of SOTD posts, seems like the most perfect song following Alligator Wine of yesterday. Both Scratch Acid and The Jesus Lizard albums of indie label Touch & Go have been added to Bandcamp, you know? Here’s the epic classic 28 track The Greatest Gift by Scratch Acid:

Why don’t bands these days have promo photos like this? Yow is naked with fig leaf on the left and Sims is wearing the leather jacket on the right and the other two guys names are Brett Bradford and Rey Washam but I can’t remember which is which in this pic?

Cheers! 🙂


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