Song of the Day: Albuquerque by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

So this really has to be the newest track on my SOTD posts now because it was only released just last month! Albuquerque is the fifth track of eight songs on the brand new Carnage album. If you don’t know yet? it’s a total pandemic lock-down album and in this song is even sung we’re not getting to go to Albuquerque, Amsterdam and that lake in Africa or for that matter, anywhere at all are listed in song lyrics itself. Guessing it’s Lake Victoria which is the biggest lake in whole of Africa and the world’s largest tropical lake. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds themselves didn’t have a show booked anywhere near Lake Victoria or even Albuquerque, New Mexico but had an America tour booked, what would have been the closer show to that? They we’re going to play Amsterdam, Netherlands first in 2020 on the 29th of April and then it was going to be 11th of next month, in just a few weeks times before they had to cancelled all the tour dates worldwide because of you know what? BTW this now is the second place in the U.S.A. to have one of my SOTD post named after, back in Jan. this year I’d had a couple songs with Alabama in their song titles too!

The words to Albuquerque are:

This morning crawls towards us, darling
With a memory in its paws
A child swims between two boats
Her mother waving from the shore, darling
And we won’t get to Amsterdam
Or that lake in Africa, darling
And we won’t get to anywhere
Anytime this year, darling
We won’t get to anywhere, darling
Anytime this year
We won’t get to anywhere, darling
Unless I dream you there
We won’t get to Albuquerque
Anytime this year
We won’t get to anywhere, darling
Unless you take mе there, darling

If you’ve still not yet listen to the Carnage album or if you want toooo again, here it is:

After starting to writing this post about NC&WE’s Albuquerque track. I realised that, do you know that’s NOT the first song called Albuquerque? Because both Neil Young and Weird Al Yankovic have songs too, here they both are to finish today’s post:

Albuquerque by Neil Young of 1975

Albuquerque by Weird Al Yankovic of 1999

It’s black & white Nick and Woz, who are NOT in Albuquerque!

Cheers! 🙂



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