Song of the Day: Allentown by Ed Helms

I can’t say I’m a huge Billy Joel fan but it’s very funny Allen (Zach Galifianakis) of the Hangover movies is! So after Allen destroys Stu (Ed Helms) wedding in the sequel he sung a re-worked Allentown, can you call it a cover? I guess, you could if you really want tooooo! It’s less that a minute in the film and I think, the next line which is cut above was Allen saying “you ruined that song” so Stu says back “you ruined my life.” What else can I say? Well, if you’ve never seen the Hangover movies or at least the first couple, you should watch them, they’re fuckin’ funny! I guess, this second one is kind-of a copy of the first but just moving the location of Las Vegas to Bangkok but I think, somehow I dig the second one a little more but then the third one is a little pointless. It seems successful Hollywood movies have to have shit sequel no matter what these days. I don’t know, if I’m really going to get to do my old movie post this month, this might be the closest to a film I get to posting, you know?

So we are going from New Mexico state in U.S.A. we all traveling to Pennsylvania today or at least in this blog post. It’s following yesterday’s song named after another America city as my SOTD post, that’s now the third U.S.A. city/state and fourth post, all have been posted this year. BTW last year I did post/song about Adelaide, South Australia which was the very first city song or song named after a city in my SOTD posts, linked here. Off course, here’s Billy Joel original video clip of 1982 with the wrong/right words to finish my Tuesday’s morning post:

Ed Helms (Stu) playing guitar on the right with Zach Galifianakis (Alan) on the left and Bradley Cooper (Phil) in the middle with unnamed man behind them in Bangkok in the Hangover II movie of 2011.

Cheers! 🙂


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