Song of the Day: All Is Known by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

After missing yesterday blogging, I’m back for Thursday morning! So today amazingly King Gizz make their SOTD post debut but off course, they have been on my blog countless times before this, you should know this, if you’ve been pay attention? It’s yet another “All” word something song again so maybe, I will keep adding more or this could be the very last one? I don’t know but at least for the moment that’s it. If I can count, it’s number twenty one “All” something songs. All these “All” something tracks are by far and away the most used word in the English language, so far in my alphabetically ordered SOTD posts, you know? I think I might have said that before? Recapping now all the “All” SOTD posts are: All My Friends Are Alcoholics by Mike Noga, All Channels Open by The Dead C, All By Myself by Matt Walker, All Day Breakfast by Kelso, All I Want Is You by Poor People, All Fall Down by The Darling Downs, All The Same by Lizzy Mercier Descloux, All Done In by Plug Uglies, All I Care About by Mankins, All Apologies by Nirvana, All Hands On The Bad One by Sleater-Kinney, All Tomorrow’s Parties by The Velvet Underground, All Of The Lights by Kanye West, All The Gold In California by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, All Of These Things by Ed Kuepper, All In The Same Room by Fia Fiell, All Day Venus by Adalita, All I Get Is The Girl by Primitive Calculators, All Wrong by Morphine, All The Pretty Little Horses by Current 93 & Nick Cave and All Is Known by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is today’s one. Could I/you call that a top 21 “All” word songs? I guess so, because they’re a lot more songs starting with that word to pick from and those are the ones I’ve done or blogged about!

OK, a little about today’s feature song/band: All Is Known was released a little before the album it can be found on, if I remember right it was a couple weeks earlier. Gumboot Soup was the finale of the epic five albums, all in one year released back in 2017, dropped digitally on the very last day of the day on New Year’s Eve. It’s their thirteenth studio album overall and I think, somehow I do like/love Gumboot Soup the very best of those 5 albums, even if it’s the kind-of leftovers of the four earlier albums. So just below is the full album embedded from Bandcamp, if you wanna revisit it right now?

It’s high voltage KG&TLW!

Cheers! 🙂

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