Song of the Day: Almost Here by Joel Silbersher & Charlie Owen

Staying in Australia for my Friday morning SOTD post by these couple of under-rated geniuses! You could/might know both of them from bands they both have been in before but it’s as this duo, I think is possibly their best work but is not that well-known! Maybe the main reason, I love these two working as a duo? They released a couple of albums which both were put out in the 90’s. The first was under their names like in this blog post title with an album entitled Tendrils of 1995 and then the second album was under the name Tendrils and was entitled Soaking Red. Did that confused the album buying peeps? I got it but who knows who else? Both were on two different indie labels and both are on Bandcamp now, are embedded below. Today’s feature song Almost Here is their debut closing track for their debut which I did find on YouTube toooo so that’s just above as well. That album was produced by the late great Spencer P. Jones. Some of the songs do have some drums, which are played by Greg Bainbridge on the first one and Jim White was the drummer on the second one too. Both album not that successful at the time here and that was it for them. But even more fun facts, if you want yet another one? Early 2010’s Gareth Liddiard asked both of they to get back together for I guess you would call it a reunion? Playing support set for him around the time of GL’s one and only solo album. Even with only a couple of albums, I did numbered them as #82 in my Aussie artists of all-time!

Bio of Joel Silbersher: is most well known for his teenage anthem My Pal by GOD of the late-80’s but I would recommend to check out more by them. When on to form Hoss in the early 90’s, going on to do five albums together, my fave would be Everyday Lies of 1995 and all their albums should be reissued but aren’t. In early-2000’s he was the touring or “fourth” member of Dirty Three. He released his debut solo album in 2002 entitled Greasy Lens but only has done a couple of 7″ singles since then as a solo artist. Plus he sung on the Aussie movie Boytown of 2006 which is kind-of elderly boyband spoof, he does the vocals for Glenn Robbins character. Bio of Charlie Owen: member of The New Christs from 1987–90. Tex, Don & Charlie of 1993–95 and then got back together for 2005. Beasts of Bourbon’s albums Gone of 1996, Little Animals of 2007 and Still Here of 2019. His solo album entitled Vertigo and Other Phobias appeared in 1994. Owen also joined Divinyls as touring member in the early 90’s and can be heard on their live album of 1991 called Divinyls Live plus their final studio album called Underworld. Owen was musician on albums Robert Forster’s I Had a New York Girlfriend and Spencer P. Jones’ Rumour of Death both of 1994, The Cruel Sea’s Three Legged Dog of 1995 and four albums with Louis Tillett in the 90’s. Paul Kelly & Charlie Owen released Death’s Dateless Night in 2016. Both of them played on Tex Perkins’ solo albums, the ones credited to The Dark Horses and His Ladyboyz bands from mid 90’s onwards toooo. I’ve most likely missed something/s for both of these wicked artists?

It’s CO (left) and JS (right), if you’ll like to know who is who?

Cheers! 🙂



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