Gareth Liddiard’s Lucky Seven Songs

So it’s something different for the weekend, someone else picking the music again! I’ve not done this for awhile now, I’d post a pile of posts like this in the past you know? It’s basically that bloke who was once in Aussie band called The Drones and now is in one called Tropical Fuck Storm. Sometimes he plays solo shows and has released a couple of albums under his own name, one was totally acoustic guitar based album and the other was pre-The Drones home recordings noise kind-of thing.

I was try to find something about his kind-of solo shows he’s been playing with drummer Jim White of Dirty Three and Xylouris White, I couldn’t find much at all! But I did find Gaz name dropping even more wicked cool songs on this website, linked here so I’ve just gotta re-posted it here on my blog because I enjoyed them so much! The idea is your seven lucky songs, whatever that means? It’s half a dozen by other artists whoever is choosing and one by themselves. At the time of original date of the first time this was posted online was when The Drones had just released their lucky seventh album. I say lucky because what has became their final studio entitled Feelin’ Kinda Free of 2016. They when on hiatus soon after that and Gaz and Fi formed TFS which have dropped a couple of albums already and their third or next brand new album is coming later this year. Here’s what Gaz picked as his lucky seven songs and what he had to say about them:

  1. Kate TempestThe Beigeness “This is really good. She’s like the hip hop version of Courtney Barnett in that she’s shit hot at playing music and doing really well without having to be an over achieving, all singing, all dancing, Maybelline advertising male sex fantasy like Rhianna or Taylor Swift.”

2. Billy BunksDevils Clay “Hip hop (and rock n roll for that matter) wasn’t born earnest. People forget this and get really upset at non earnest types. Take the Vile Sniper for instance. He made a really funny, obnoxious song so you’ll laugh at it. But he’ll be rounded up and shot at dawn once the good people from the Guardian comments section come into power. People should lighten up.”

3. Neil YoungKeep On Rockin In The Free World (Live on SNL) “This particular version of this song is what it’s all about. Popular rock and roll or whatever you want to call it has lost it’s joie de vivre. Like there is this taciturn agreement that going balistic is somehow inappropriate and offensive. Too primal for a society that thinks it’s better than all the other animals. But here we see a middle aged guy who’s not exactly Mr Rock Out With Your Cock Out absolutely fucking destroying this TV show.”

4. Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandAshtray Heart (Live on SNL) “While we’re on the SNL trail let’s have a look at this one. That’s got be be the greatest crowd response in the history of live music……. Stunned silence and then a solitary “SHIT!” And listen to that telecaster. It’s just maxed out weirdness.”

5. Xylouris WhiteChicken Song “Jim and George travel the world and jam out all these mad Cretan tunes. George is a monster on the lute and the son of lyra legend Psarantonis and nephew of Nikos Xylouris, who is like the Fela Kuti of Crete specifically and and Greece in general. Jim is one of a hand full of rock n roll drummers (if you can call him rock n roll) that you could describe as a true artist. He’s so good it’s not funny.”

6. Bill OrcuttSolo Improv “All I know is that there are two kinds of musician, and I don’t mean fly by nighter hobbyist poseur types. I mean people who live for music. One starts with the spirit of the music and gets that right before getting to the technical side which he/she hopefully gets right. The other perfects the technical side first then hopes the spirit will catch on. The former is the real deal and the latter is boring. Bill is an example of the former.”

7. The DronesTo Think That I Once Loved You “Here’s a little song we recorded.”

OK, seems I was saying at the top of the post about the Gareth Liddiard & Jim White shows, they have played three so far in Victoria which was two at Castlemaine’s Theatre Royal and Melbourne’s The Forum. They’re playing next month again in Sydney too at The Factory Theatre too. I can’t find any setlist/s or zero review/s, nothing is on YouTube but a few photos, a couple of drawings! Yeah, someone drew them at one of the shows and only couple of very, very and I mean very short clips on Instagram, one from each of the two venues. If you were there, why not tell me about it below please? Maybe, everyone is out of step with live music ATM? I really do wish there was more because for me, it’s beyond dream duo. Please come and play in Perth or hoping they just recorded these shows and will release them somehow in some format? Or can’t someone put them in a recording studio and re-record his old songs like that or whatever the hell they have been playing and just release it as an album or something? Here’s those couple of very tiny bits I can:

Gaz with The Drones back in 2016, he’s the one wearing “operation desert storm” t-shirt in bare feet!

Cheers! 🙂


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