End of the Month New Music list: March 2021

It’s already part three of 2021! On the last day of the month yet again with very special my own Grammy’s award show edition to make it extra fun today!

My very own Grammy for album of this month/year/decade/century goes toooo: Romantic Notions by Mere Women. Has finally been released, has to be my feature album this month because it’s very long waited brand new album by them. I think, the very first single from it was released way back in 2019 which seems like five years not just a couple so delated by you know what? But it’s all well worth the wait! They’re a four pierce Sydney band with Amy Wilson as the band’s singer-songwriter and this is their fourth album as well!

My very own Grammy for best song goes toooooo: Purple Perilla (A Foreword to the Book by Can Xue) by Warren Ellis. 40+ mins. epic released with this very cool idea of website with kind-of book a month called isolarii, linked here. Recorded in an empty hotel in London he was staying over Xmas 2020, done at the same time as the Carnage album. I think, this was released very late last month but I missed by a few days so posting here and now.

Bono’s supported save the bloody Earth but no one cares Grammy goes toooo: Big Old Blue from Dream #12 by Mess Esque. With the rest of the tracks are dropped on 2nd of April, that’s McKisko from Brisbane singing and Melbourne guitarist Mick Turner most well-known from the Dirty Three together, it’s kind-of inspired by Luc Bresson’s The Big Blue film of 1988.

Grammy for best female artist of the year goes tooo: Jonnine Standish! Walking Thru Walls by Jonnine was added to her bandcamp profile, originally appeared on Below The Radar 35 comp CD which came with The Wire magazine of December 2020.

Grammy award for best indie/mainstream rock/pop act goes toooo: Xiu Xiu with OH NO. Amazing it’s the twelfth album by them and could be sub-titled duet album because it’s got American indie rock who’s who guesting on it plus some/none of the world’s biggest mainstream pop stars on it as well!

Grammy for best male artist of the year goes toooo: Mike Patton! Because his latest album Tonic Immobility by Tomahawk was out this month. It’s been eight long years since the last one by them and I think, it’s their fifth album overall.

Grammy for best electronic/jazz/classical collaboration release goes tooooooooo: Promises by Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra is well worth listening toooo!

Grammy for best live act goes toooo: King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard should just get their own catalog in my monthly posts because they’re always releasing something wicked, this time it’s the full live show at Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Bowl!

Grammy for best reissue goes tooooo: epic Ten by Sharon Van Etten so it’s been ten years since her debut plus now with bonus disc of wicked covers but the whole things not out until 16th of April. Idles’ Peace Sign cover is unbelievable wicked!

The English record label 4AD are releasing a whole cover album by their own bands doing their own acts’ songs called Bills & Aches & Blues for some reason? I think, it’s a double but I don’t know about some of it? For me by far the very best cover is U.S. Girls doing Junkyard, originally by The Birthday Party in 1982. I don’t think they have best cover song catalog? So I will but I have to give out two Grammy award TV shows to both the U.S. Girls and Idles, OK?

Pist Idiots of Sydney town are back again with another wicked cool video clip/song entitled Juliette. So they can win my own Grammys award show for best bloody video clip, is a great way to finish today’s award show post!

So that’s my picks to share with you for this month, I hope you found something you dig? Apologies to anyone/everyone who’s offended by my piss take of the Grammys bollocks!

It’s just gotta be the band Mere Women as main photo for this month’s post, that’s Amy at the very front too!

Cheers! 🙂

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