Song of the Day: Almost With You by The Church

So it’s not been a great start for blogging in April, if I’m still suppose to be doing it daily? After say my Easter break, if I can call it that? Today’s post is early 80’s Aussie rock but this came out on major label at the time in OZ but they had couple of different labels for both North America and Europe/UK markets, they did make some in-roads in both places oversea, as far as I can tell? I think, in USA they were more popular on collage radio, after their debut album came out on Capitol records they dropped them after they the record company morons didn’t like these songs. Amazing how much this happen, you know? Reading about some music or album/song you know as just a total classic now but at the time some dumb major label thought it wasn’t any good! In the UK they fall-in with Goth music, even a couple years back when Robert Smith did his huge Meltdown festival, he invited The Church over to play there. I guess, initially they were associated also with both new wave and neo-psychedelia too. Anyway, no matter what you want to call their music or the record label they were on or it was released on in the end? Almost With You was from The Blurred Crusade of 1982 and that’s the video clip on the very top of this post. Oh yeah, they where a Sydney band.

The Almost With You lyrics are:

See the chains which bind the men
Can you taste their lonely arrogance
It’s always too late
And your face is so cold
They struggled for this opulence
See the suns which blind the men
Burnt away so long before our time
Now their warmth is forgotten and gone
Pretty maids not far behind
Who you trying to get in touch with
I’m almost with you
I can sense it wait for me
I’m almost with you
Is this the taste of victory
I’m almost with you
See the dust which fills your sleep
Does it always feel this chill near the end
I never dreamed we’d meet here once more
This life reserved for a friend

Here’s the full album The Blurred Crusade opening with Almost With You:

Kind-of around or almost at the end of last month I had one “Almost” something song posted, linked here and this is going to be the second also final one in these SOTD posts of mine. Do you have an “Almost” something song you like to share with me, or maybe not?

It’s b&w early 80’s The Church.

Cheers! 🙂


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