Song of the Day: Altar Boy by Tom Waits

OK, last week was pretty piss pour with only a couple of SOTD posts for the whole week but we’ll see if this week is going to be any better?

Amazing shit, it’s now Mr. Waits second song to be included in my little SOTD posts, last year blogged about his Alice track, linked here. So it’s another one from his later years, this one called Altar Boy is lifted from huge epic Orphans boxset of 2006 which did have a some then brand new songs and some it was odd and sorts from all his very long music career and collection in one place. He then released his a live album called Glitter And Doom of 2009 from what has been his very last world tour and then releasing just one more brand new album in 2011 entitled Bad As Me and has I guess, kind-of retied from music. He’s stared in some movies in the 2010’s but done no new music since then but the good/great news is Waits is on Bandcamp, linked here. Today featured track Altar Boy was on the disc called Bastards and was originally written for Alice which a theatre show of the 90’s but the album of the same name wasn’t released until 2002 but I think, I’m repeating myself because I must have say all this in that post last year about the Alice song. The unofficial or bootleg of the Alice demos of the 90’s listed Altar Boy under the song title of What Became Of Old Father Craft? Just below is number 50 of 56 songs, here’s the whole Orphans thing if you wanna listen?

Explaining today’s feature image that’s both below/above which is wicked great photo of Tom Waits with three members of the Aussie called The Go-Betweens in New York in the early 80’s! Robert Forster on The Go-Betweens Facebook page posted it a few years ago for Tom Waits birthday and when on to say this:

“Robert Vickers had left in a fit of pique, ”tired of working with three maniacs.” Stuck in New York, we found this guy, who said he wanted to join. Turns out, he didn’t play bass but the piano. He had some songs of his own that weren’t bad, and when we were rehearsing “Bachelor Kisses”, he mumbled to us (he did talk in a funny way) that the song was good enough for Roy Orbison. The rehearsals over a weekend didn’t work out and Vickers came back. All that’s left is one shot snapped by a stranger, on our way to a Bowery practice room.”

I don’t know if Mr. Forster is making this shit up but the bonus track of the day is The Go-Betweens’ Bachelor Kisses but they’re no recordings of that weekend rehearsals so you’re going to have to image Tom playing piano for them or on it, is from the 1984 album entitled Spring Hill Fair:

Extra special bonus today is a few more bonus songs! Well it’s all the songs I can find on YouTube from that Perth band called Alter Boy which I’d seen supporting King Gizz at the start of this month, remember? If not, reminder you now they’re queer and deaf/hard-of hearing band who were very wicked live! I did even find the band explain it all themselves because, I don’t know? If I did do a good job myself about them in that post I did about that gig? So it’s the Get to know interview plus the five songs below which are Old Love, Frankenstein’s Dream, Love Machine, Glitter and Bad Dream Break In:

I guess, it’s an “E” not an “A” as the band name so my spelling is a bit wrong but who care’s? It’s pretty close, I guess? Also you really can’t complain you’ve got nothing to listen tooo this Monday morning, it’s a grand total of something like 63 tracks in just one post tooo! Oh well, that’s most likely three totally unelated artists in one post, I’ve somehow I’ve joined/linked them together here but hope you enjoy them all or just one or a couple of them?

It’s Lindy, Tommy, Robby and Granty (l-r) in New York early-80’s!

Cheers! 🙂


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