Song of the Day: All Things Beautiful by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Once again, I’d missed yesterday yet again but back for Friday this morning and shock horror, it’s yet more Nick bloody Cave! After saying last month or whenever it was, that Mr. Cave hasn’t wrote a song starting with the word “All” so yeah, I’ve got back to all that again too! I’ve got one today called All Things Beautiful, it’s also on YouTube under the title The Water Song tooo, I don’t know which is right or if both are just made-up titles of untitled music? But because I’m on about “All” something songs, I’ll go with that for today, at least! But The Water Song was also used in the theater production called Woyzeck so might be the real title and maybe, why it wasn’t used in this movie? It’s an instrumental which is more piano lead, going for almost 5 mins. I always forget about the kind-of not really outtakes to the movie The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford of 2007. Whoever uploaded to YouTube tell you it’s on the soundtrack album but it’s NOT they’re a few more on YouTube, that’s also NOT included on that soundtrack, you could download these extra songs somewhere at one stage, a few years ago. I’ll embedded them all just below too. Plus below is the Nick Cave sung Jesse James ballad, the old Traditional song he performed in the movie itself and once again isn’t on the soundtrack album too. I guess, I’ll included the soundtrack album after all this stuff that’s NOT on it!

Did you know? The soundtrack itself was written and recorded before the film was made and film Andrew Dominik rejected some songs and I remember, Warren Ellis talking about that because some have said that was their best score together in the movie score business, Ellis recons it’s because Dominik push them more to want he was exactly wanted for the movie. I don’t know how many songs got binned before Andrew was happy with the music because most of these ones seem to be very easy available. I remember, some tracks were in the film itself and I think, even on the DVD main menu but weren’t on the soundtrack album itself of the same name but it’s been a long while since comparing the two of them. Or was that a different NC&WE scored movie/s? Nope, I think or pretty sure it was this one so maybe I should watch it again, sometime soon? Is it the closest to doing a movie blog post this month, most likely so sorry everyone who enjoyed those two movie posts, it doesn’t look like I’m doing anymore at least nothing at the moment, OK? But I seem to do things about soundtracks/scores a bit anyway, if that’s some kind-of consolation? To kind-of remind you who is Andrew Dominik if don’t remember what else he did, he when on to make One More Time with Feeling, the documentary for Nick Cave in 2016 and according to The Red Hand Files website/blog, linked here Dominik is back in London filming NC&WE “attempting to play Carnage and Ghosteen live.” Looking up The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford soundtrack, having a look on it’s Wikipedia page seeing it’s say six but below are four more of those unreleased tracks. You’ll see if you press play, these supposedly have link to download these but it’s NOT working because off course, I had to check anyway play them here and now:

Here’s an extended version of Song for Jesse going for now eight/nine mins. maybe someone’s just put it on a loop but I always wanted than one tooo be longer:

Here’s Nick bar room scene singing The Ballad of Jesse James:

And the soundtrack/score as official released with these 14 tracks:

NC sung in a bar scene at almost the end of that movie!

Cheers! 🙂


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