Great Reading: Mustaine A Life In Metal by Dave Mustaine

OK, trying to type something about other the books I’ve read last year which again. this month/weekend we’ve got trash metal nutcase that’s Megadeth singer-guitarist-songwriter! Who wants more shit book reviews by me? I don’t know they’re really reviews, so far this year in the past three months since deciding to blog music books again, I’ve just picked out bits and bit and pieces recycled them here on my blog and say how much I enjoy reading them. Shared a whole pile of music somehow related to the book in question. We’ll see if I stick with that format today, most likely! It’s auto-bio of one of my early teenage hero’s: Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, yeah trash’s 80’s trash metal, if you haven’t a clue who he is? I might tell you, something you don’t know?

I got the paperback edition of this only last year, also go his new book too which I guess, could be the next book post following this one that I blog about! It’s small size, you know how they start printing book in hardcover or they’re lager size and for some they get smaller with each re-printing or something? Frist published in 2010, ten/eleven years ago but my copy does have brand new afterword which was added or updated at some point? That does seem to conclude the book much better, I think? Really it’s 369 pages of insane metal music stories plus then some about drink and drugs and then going rehab many times over before getting clear.

Well, to start with Dave always got a bad rap from everyone else but in his own words it all makes perfect sense, somehow? I guess, off course he’s most famous for being kicked out of Metallica in the early 80’s but in truth, I always loved Megadeth more than them. Pretty much the book’s opening couple of words are James Hetfield, that’s Metallica’s singer-guitarist-main songwriter for anyone who knows nothing about metal but is still looking this post? I remember picking-up the hardcover when this book was first published, reading those two words and putting it back on the shelf. I guess, you can’t tell Dave’s tale without them and it’s very interesting what he has to say about it all. Any Metallica fans who undermined Mustaine contribute to Metallica is an idiot, plan and simple but then again most metal heads have been known as dumb-asses! Just reading about Hetfield as the lead singer and yeah, that’s before he even picked up a guitar is hard to imagine now but who’s really going to write all the main riffs, if pretty much the band has one guitar player is in your fuckin’ band? Dave’s eccentricity behavior was the main reason for him to leave that band behind and after being kicked-out he did nothing to disprove that, his behavior you could say got worst so maybe? They did the right thing but I guess, you could say if he was still in that bloody band, he would have never formed Megadeth! That’s all I’ll say about that other band here but they all seem to have kissed and made-up, full stop. Going right back to the start with Dave’s childhood, sounds like yet other American white trash hell, to sum-up very quickly. It seems a lot of my favorite American musos grew-up in shitholes. Learning the guitar seem to him a bit of an escape and without really thinking about it, leads to his career in music!

Today’s post music starts here: beginning at the end of this book with trash metal big four tour of 2010, it’s that other band headlining set ending with members of the other three bands including Dave doing cover of Am I Evil? originally by Diamond Head:

One of the more newer song which I dig, DM talks about in a little more details Head Crusher of 2009:

Something I didn’t think that would be in this book is DM talking about Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On of 1997 but that’s one reason you could say Megadeth late-90’s got a bit shit. That bloke who was the producer of that song got hired to work with this band, making them more mainstream or something was the record company’s idea, major label’s have some pretty dumb ideas sometime:

MD.45 was an under-rated side-project which Dave was just the guitar player again, was with punk band Fear vocalist Lee Ving singing also it’s Fear’s bassist and Megadeth drummer. Later on at some point they re-released with vocalist by DM but here’s Nothing Is Something of 1996:

A Tout Le Monde song got Megadeth banned on MTV in the mid-90’s because it’s about suicide but it’s NOT according to his book but it’s from album called Youthanasia of 1994:

Let’s also included Train of Consequences video clip which is also from Youthanasia album, it’s got a killer riff:

Sweating Bullets song is from their highest selling album entitled Countdown to Extinction of 1992 but their just missed out on number one spot in America because of Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart, wasn’t the 90’s great!

Go To Hell track of 1991 has a pretty funny tale behind it, from the Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey movie and on the soundtrack album. The song itself was suppose to be the title track but one of DM hero’s Alice Cooper has a song with the very same title so he didn’t want to do something with the very same name but got talked into it. Then because movie changed it’s titled it’s NOT the title track anymore. He hate the whole Hollywood film soundtrack thingy. Also it quote the Lord’s Prayer or one of those bloody things? Which another band already named above used the every same year in their biggest hit song, because Megadeth did it so long before the movie finally did come out it, came out after that hit song which pissed Dave off even more because metalheads says he’s copying them. Both bands were on NOT friends at all, NOT even commutating at all in anyway ATM so both were just thinking the very same thing at the very same time, somehow?

The other book Mustaine wrote is a whole one on just all about the Rust In Peace album of 1990, published just last year which I kind-of got both them together and read them almost back-to-back plus that’s going to be the next book blog book let’s skip that album just for the moment, OK? So before that was the album called So Far, So Good… So What! of 1987. Some peeps have told me in the past DM can’t sing l guess, like a lot of my fave singers but if you don’t like his singing too here’s Into the Lungs of Hell which is instrumental and opening track from that album:

I Ain’t Superstitious cover written by bluesman Willie Dixon and first recorded by Howlin’ Wolf in 1961 but Megadeth version came out in 1986 on Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying album. Dave talks about all the “odd” covers Megadeth have done over the years, the reasons behind etc. which was cool because I do love covers:

Gotta embedded the Peace Sells video clip next, old man says: “what is this garbage you’re watching? I want to watch the News.” teenage boy reply’s “This is the News!” Title came after reading a Reader’s Digest article, you know?

Debut Megadeth album was Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good! of 1985, I’m picking the Rattlehead song because well, bang your head until it bleeds:

Dave acknowledge past members of Megadeth, here’s my little where some of them are now? Because I did had to see what they’re up too, most of them are still doing some music but off course not as well known as when playing in that band. Chris Poland one of Megadeth’s early guitarist released a brand new album just last year. Dave says of him, he didn’t really want to be a metal guitar player or in a metal band really which you can tell from this album entitled Resistance, he’s calling it Heavy Jazz/Rock/Fusion:

Maybe, the most famous past guitarist was Marty Friedman of Rust In Peace era, here’s his solo live album from 2018 called One Bad M​.​F. Live​!​! It seems according to these books Dave really doesn’t get on with him anymore, at all in any shape or form the very most out of everyone:

Former drummer Nick Menza also from Rust In Peace era who did only one solo album before passing away in 2016, the album was entitled Life After Deth of 2002:

Long-time bassist who’s still in Megadeth is David Ellefson. He did do solo album of last year which was full of 19 metal covers so is double CD/LP and a lot of metal special guests called No Cover but my fave has to be the punk song Dead Kennedys’ Holiday in Cambodia cover with Anthrax’s Charlie Benante:

OK, that’s just another huge pile of music! So in closing, was 369 pages long which I already say that above but has black & white photos scattered all along. I guess, if your a fan you’ve most likely read it already? So maybe, a bit pointless doing this after the book was published over ten years ago or something? But I really did enjoy it and so glad I did finally read it, should have long ago but I guess, maybe wouldn’t have blogged about it, anyone else out there read it?

My copy’s front cover looks like this!

Cheers! 🙂

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