Great Reading: Rust In Peace the Inside Story of the Megadeth Masterpiece by Dave Mustaine

  1. Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

Well, I did go a little Mustaine/Megadeth mad last year and yeah, that’s both his books in one year which that was last year if you missed yesterday’s post? But for only blogging them now! Also making this weekend a whole metal/Megadeth at least on my little blog for anyone who wants it? Maybe, not a lot would want that but toooo bad!

2. Hangar 18

OK, I’ve embedded every single of the nine song from this album! Non-metal peeps who are looking/listening for some unknown reason? The album is called Rust In Peace of the year 1990, can I call it the greatest trash metal of all-time? Or it’s at least my own personal favorite! A very long time ago I did already blog post this album before but who knowns if anyone cares about really old posts? On with book itself now!

3. Take No Prisoners

Both books, yesterday’s Mustaine Life In Metal and this one were co-written by Joel Selvin which I forget about that so giving him his credit today. Guns N’ Roses’ Slash seems to be friends with anyone/everyone who plays in bands in LA and writes a very entertaining foreword, Slash and guys from Megadeth would have day/night drinking jams all the time back in the 90’s, I would love to be a fly on the wall for that!

4. Five Magics

Got the hardcover cover this time, published in 2020 and it’s only 190 pages long so that’s pretty short but covers a lot of ground. This time, it’s got the gloss photos in the middle kind-of thingy which is photos of everyone not just the band but the crew, mangers, pet dogs, going sky diving, live shows, video shoots, wedding happy snaps etc. It’s really everyone’s POV not just Dave, everyone involved telling their side of the story or what the hell they remember. It’s like leading up to that album, in the studio and then the aftermath of it with interview quotes with almost everyone involved in making it. Minus the drummer Nick Menza who passed away in 2016, which this book is kind-of dedicated too!

5. Poison Was the Cure

The four member line-up Megadeth was Dave Mustaine the songwriter, guitarist and singer and David Ellefson bassist who Dave calls “Junior” because well, he explains that in the other book and been together since forming the band but the others were new. Marty Friedman stars as the kind-of lost guitar player because Megadeth didn’t have a second guitarist leading up to making the album plus Marty was living homeless in LA before joining them. Nick Menza was also the brand new drummer at this point too, he was younger drum tech who wanted the main job for so long and got the gig at the perfect point.

6. Lucretia

It’s amazing how insane bonkers everything was at that point too, both Mustaine and Ellefson were in and out of rehab but it’s really wasn’t working because still totally using like hell. The management trying but failing big time to cover it in the press and was pretty funny, maybe not at the time for them? The new members didn’t know what they were getting into with these couple of junkies, saying that in the nice way possible. Saying that but at the same time, it was very creative time because well, they somehow made Rust In Peace album. Friedman had his own weird shit going on with his right arm at this point too, were he couldn’t play his guitar leading up to going into the recording studio but somehow he played his parts and solos by icing his arm etc.

7. Tornado of Souls (I think, this is my most fave track on this whole album, if you wanna know?)

Each of all the songs get into all the details about them which I’ll skip here because it’s just tooo much info to share right here. Both the producer and the engineers throw-in very interesting points, just before the ending of making it Mike Click the producer got called away by Axl Rose to start making Guns N’ Roses double whammy Use Your Illusion which was part of the deal working with him, Axl could call at any moment which once again, doesn’t like the best way to make an album of any kind.

8. Dawn Patrol

Mustaine personal life does have a happy ending around this time does stay clear for a while and meeting his dream woman, falling in love and getting married in Hawaii which their have had ups and downs but they’re still together today with a couple of kids, who are teenager now.

9. Rust in Peace… Polaris

Ten years later or whatever it was? Trying to get that line-up back together for reunion Rust In Peace album tour was a total disaster, the closest they got was the four of them sitting down to have lunch.

A couple of extra bonus tracks are: Breakpoint

My Creation

That’s a couple of books in just one weekend but pretty much about the same thing, hope someone/anyone enjoy my not really reviews of them? Once again, I seem to say the same thing in summing up books I’ve read lately: I really loved reading it and this time, highly reco to any metal/Megadeth fans out there! Anyone else already read it tooo?

The front looks like this, it’s topless Dave!

Cheers! 🙂

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