Song of the Day: Abalone Diver by Stitched Vision

So we’re going to visiting Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia today or at least in your imagination! With an electronic artist and skate boarder but I don’t know much more about him really? He was say, one of my biggest new discover of only last year but it’s the first time I’m giving him a whole blog post all to himself! I keep discovering more and more releases under different names because he doesn’t seem to have any official website or anything telling what he’s done? What I’ve figured out, he started making music in early 2010’s under Stitched Vision but dropped that for Collector. Collector’s last year’s album entitled Prosthetic did end up in my top 10 best albums list, you know? Also has released a few under J. Campbell and one under Desert Peace as well. Feature or main song above today is Abalone Diver opening track from early 2010’s release only put-out on cassette tape album entitled Fold. Some of his stuff seems to be on YouTube but below is everything I can find on Bandcamp, if anyone cares? Here’s his whole back catalog, well as far as I can tell because he doesn’t seem to have any kind-of one anyway else? What I can or have found under his project names are: Stitched Vision, Collector, J. Campbell and Desert Peace also has SoundCloud page under the name Eternal Solitude which does have a few extra tracks, linked here.

Fold by Stitched Vision of 2011:

Open Palms by Stitched Vision of 2010:

Ocean Glow by Stitched Vision also from 2010:

Headland by Stitched Vision of 2013:

Prosthetic by Collector of 2020:

Forced Extraction by Collector of 2017:

Life After Olympic Gold by Collector of 2016:

Triple Crown by Collector also from 2016:

Placeholder For A Palace by Desert Peace of 2017:

Heirloom by J. Campbell of 2018:

A Death At The Steelworks by J. Campbell also from 2017:

The Corporation Baths by J. Campbell yet another from 2017 but you have to buy it too hear all the songs:

I’ve most likely missed something? But that’s a lot of music in today’s post yet again!

It’s Jason Campbell aka Collector or/and Stitched Vision etc.

Cheers! 🙂



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