Song of the Day: Already Gone by Powderfinger

After missing a couple of days, back with it’s one of my fave tracks from the Aussie band called Powderfinger for this Friday morning! They’re huge here in Australia, almost every Aussie I think, would know them but who knows at least their name, if their don’t know the songs/albums? You know, they’re like every household knows them kind-of band. Wouldn’t know how well they’re known oversea? They broken-up years ago but were doing a bit of reunion last year with a pervious unreleased tracks type of album thing too! Cut back to late-90’s, this song is from easy my fave album by them which was called Internationalist of 1998. Already Gone was track number four and was a single/video clip, as you can see just above, hope you dig it?

Looking it up on YouTube, it seems both Kelly Clarkson and The bloody motherfuckin’ Eagles has got songs called Already Gone too but I’m going the best one, I think? Maybe, they’re even more songs, if you look more? If you want both Kelly and Eagles, you’re going to have to look them up yourself. Here’s what I will do: Powerfinger are from the state of Queensland and seems noticing those other songs with the very same title, I know yet another by a much less well-known band who’s also from Queensland too, called The Gin Club. So below is The Gin Club’s Already Gone too as the bonus track today, OK? That’s from their double album entitled Junk of 2008 which I’ve already featured in my little SOTD posts, linked here if you want more about or from them?

It’s bright and sunny Powderfinger!

Cheers! 🙂



    1. oh well, perth has gone into lock-down this long weekend so everything is canned included Anzac, my internet has been working like a dickhead, just like the Aussie PM, they’re matching! Anyway what can you do? How you, doing in NZ? hope everything going OK? oh yeah, they’ve got the travel bubble set-up now, that’s good news, hey? what else? i don’t know! Cheers again, have a good one 🙂

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      1. Ohhhhh crap! I heard about this yes and right on ANZAC weekend what a bummer! I heard it was only one person tho so hopefully it blows over pretty quickly. Hahaha computer working like a dickhead 🤣 like the PM I love it so funny, yeah he’s a total fuckwit alright. I would love to throw a dildo at his stupid face lol 🤣 anyway ….today just cleaning up my house because it was a total mess it feels good to have it back to tidy. Tonight my bf and I are going to get some Mexican takeaways, nice weekend. Take care mate

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