Great Reading: Wire Magazine Issue 447 Warren Ellis Cover

It’s my Monday morning post which is going to be all about one of my fave musos! Because he’s on the front cover of this rag and got my copy early last week so I’m blogging about it, it’s April issue of English mag called The Wire which mainly focus on indie music, have you seen it before? It’s been a while since buying a copy but I really did enjoy the whole thing but off course, Woz was the most enjoyable! It’s just yet again, me really just looking up the music talked about or feature in the interview or article is/was these below!

Marianne Faithfull with Warren EllisShe Walks in Beauty, the title track from album out at the end of this month on April 30:

Dirty ThreeI Remember a Time When Once You Used to Love Me live at The Meredith Music Festival in 1994:

That’s Ellis band before he joined The Bad Seeds, from anyone who’s not up on Ellis? Their whole back catalog was updated last year to Bandcamp, linked here but it’s the D3 self-titled debut album of 1994:

His earliest Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds recordings on Let Love In album of 1994 too which was Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore:

Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsDo You Love Me? (Part 2):

Asked back for the next sessions for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds which was for Murder Ballads, he was on The Curse of Millhaven song:

The now legendary Dirty Three 90’s Aussie east coast tour with guest vocalist for the encores, guess who that was? doing Running Scared originally by Roy Orbison:

Nick Cave & Warren EllisCARNAGE album of this earlier year:

Warren EllisMustang (Original Soundtrack) of 2015, that’s only four tracks of 14 which was his first solo score, spot the piano riff that was later used on the NC&TBS Ghosteen album:

Warren EllisThis Train I Ride (Original Soundtrack) of just last year:

Warren Ellis composed Lacrimosa Song for the Django movie closing credits of 2017:

The last time playing music live, which was at Sydney Opera House in December 2019 with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Sydney Philharmonia Choirs for Nick Cave & Warren Ellis playing film scores live shows. Here’s the encore and closing song NC&TBS Push The Sky Away:

Warren EllisPurple Perilla of only this year, is the musical foreword to Can Xue’s book of the same name, that’s 40+ mins long:

Grinderman‘s Electric Alice of 2007 because it’s a tribute to Alice Coltrane, once again is talking/raving about her yet again, she’s his favorite muso of all-time you know?

News of up-coming projects are: yet another solo soundtracks based on a French book has English translation of The Art Of Patience which about a photographer trying to take a pic of snow leopards, which are very hard to photograph. More wicked great WE news is he’s writing book and it’s called Nina Simone’s Gum, I can’t wait to read that, going to be published by English Faber & Faber but no word on published date or anything, maybe he’s still writing it right now?

Maybe, I should do some kind-of Warren Ellis complete back catalogue type of blog post here on my blog but that would be very, very, very long to say the least. Anyway it’s really only a few pages of a hundred odd pages but I very much enjoy but I’ve say that at the very top, didn’t I?

Last year, I blogged about another English rag with Cave on the front cover which had a couple pages interview with WE, where he says a brand new Dirty Three was in the works but absolute zero about it in here, maybe it’s not happening anymore because of C-19 or something?

Also I think, I did when blogging about mags before file/tagged/titled them under something else but you do read them so from now on, if I do blogged more they can just go with the books and everything you read can go together, is that a good idea?

It’s a great interview/article, check it out mag’s website linked here. As far as I know, this is Woz second time on the front cover of Wire magazine. Back in 2007 with the whole band of Grinderman were on the front cover of March, issue number 277 linked here and back a couple more years when Dirty Three did their 2005 album called Cinder. Not on the front but Mr. Ellis did their Invisible Jukebox feature in Oct., issue number 260, a seven mins. audio seem to be on their website, linked here if anyone else is interested listening him talk about music? Maybe, I’ve missed something else but those are a couple I really remember!

You don’t see Woz on the front cover many mags so I had get this and blog about it too!

Cheers! 🙂


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