Song of the Day: Alter Ego by Tame Impala

OK, here’s the most famous band from my home town for my Tuesday morning SOTD post! They’ve just re-released this album Innerspeaker, was their debut because now they’re having it’s tenth anniversary plus other stuff is/was happening tooo? Livestream and doco! Everyone on Earth will known them, right? They’re huge and a household name or haven’t you heard of them before? I’ve talked/blogged about them in the past somewhere? So someone else can talk about them today because they were number lucky seven in the Rolling Stone Australia rag’s 50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time, I didn’t re-post it last month so I’m cutting and paste today, it’s what Stu Mackenzie of King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard had to say about them:

“You’ve gotta see this band!” Some friends woke me up at Meredith Music Festival 2008. It was 11am and they’d just started. It had been raining for three straight days and I’d just gone to bed. Wet, muddy, cold, and sleeping in a tent but still drunk, I took the advice and checked out Tame Impala.

Tame, back then, were loose and loud and large. Burning like a white dwarf. The band was on fire. Sound waves vibrating through the rain. Wide-eyed, wide-grinning punters soaked to the skin. Plastic ponchoed pigs in mud. Meanwhile, the band looked like they’d just walked off Scarborough Beach in 1966. I loved it. Like explorers searching for a sound. Or maybe a feeling.

You know how people talk about that time the Sex Pistols played a show and everyone there started a punk band? Well this was like that. There weren’t many people at the show, but I’m pretty sure they all went home and started a psych band. I did.

Tame has gone supernova since then. Their meticulously-crafted records have encouraged legions of fans to get introspective and really listen to the music. To understand the countless hours that go into crafting an album – and that’s beautiful.

Do yourself a favour. Put on some headphones, turn the lights off and chuck on Lonerism. You could take acid too, if you’d like. But you don’t need to. It’s already psychedelic enough.

Tame Impala in 2010!

Cheers! 🙂


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