Song of the Day: Al Qaeda by Vatican Shadow

Today’s mid-week SOTD post I’ve got electronic artist who kind-of named a lot of his songs/releases after terrorism and war in some way or other, if anyone is interested? An American artist from New York City who’s real name is Dominick Fernow who has also released under monikers: Prurient, Exploring Jezebel, Christian Cosmos and Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement plus also is known as a poet and multimedia artist tooo! The whole and huge Vatican Shadow back catalog came to Bandcamp last year, linked here. He started making music back in the late 90’s and seems to be labeled industrial techno or that’s what it says when googling him or that’s what came up the most, you know? Vatican Shadow latest album only came out last month entitled SR​-​71 Blackbird Survivors, linked here but today’s feature track was released way in 2013. The Al Qaeda song was from the When You Are Crawling EP, it’s an nine mins. epic masterpiece in my opinion, here’s that whole EP:

BTW there are more “Al Qaeda” songs by Vatican Shadow, I don’t know any other artists with “Al Qaeda” tracks but maybe, they’re more songs about/titled “Al Qaeda” that I don’t know about? Please, feel free and share any “Al Qaeda” songs you know with me below? So I’ll say he’s most likely the artist will the most “Al Qaeda” until someone says or tells me different? Here’s the 26 mins. track called Al Qaeda (Branch Davidian) from the Death Is Unity With God boxset of 2014, Bandcamp page linked here:

Plus another nine mins. plus, nearly ten mins. Al Qaeda Possess Nuclear Capacity from Atta’s Apartment Slated For Demolition EP of 2012, Bandcamp page linked here:

Vatican Shadow back in 2013 in his army out-fit/costume playing a show somewhere?

Cheers! 🙂

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