Song of the Day: Al Capone by Prince Buster

OK, it’s the first real famous person of this year for my SOTD posts, it seems I blogged only three real life well-known people with songs named after them last year so here’s another one more for today! Kind-of following my last SOTD post which was late last month, that was song after named the 21st century baddies of the western world. Time traveling back to early 20th century today for baddie way back then, American gangster-businessman Al Capone, I say gangster and businessman because they could only caught Capone for tax evasion, zero of his alleged gangster crimes would never stick!

The song itself was released in Jamaica in 1964 and export oversea apart of the reggae and ska moment. Most popular in England, just looking it up: 13 weeks on the UK chart peeking at number 18. Prince Buster’s real birth name was Cecil Bustamente Campbell, what else can I tell you about him? Releasing huge pile of hit singles and albums too in the 60’s, his out put slowed down in the 70’s but off course, had a comeback in the 80’s thanks to the English ska revival. Those band covered some of Prince Buster’s songs, I think it was The Specials did this one but didn’t they changed it a bit and re-named tooo Gangsters or something? Even the band Madness was named themselves after one of his tracks too, linking his Wikipedia page here, if you want more info about him?

BTW the other real famous people I’d SOTD posted with full names in song titles are, so far: Canadian singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette, French writer-author-philosopher Albert Camus and American singer-songwriter-producer Alex Chilton and now American gangster-businessman Al Capone, all are linked if you wanna check out songs about them?

It’s my first post for the month of May, it’s dozen days into this month! Sorry, for NOT being very active lately! So here’s Prince Buster’s 24 track early 1990’s revamped of his FABulous Greatest Hits, to kind-of make-up up for it. If you wanna have listen this Wednesday morning mid-week or whenever you notices this post?

It’s NOT Prince Buster but Al Capone Alcatraz mug-shots!

Cheers! 🙂


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