Song of the Day: Also Sprach The King Of Euro-Disco by Ed Kuepper

Did you know? Ed Kuepper remastered all his video clips last year and uploaded them all to his new YouTube channel, linked here plus adding some live stuff, interviews etc. Today’s feature song is one of those video clips and was from his 1986 solo album, his second solo album, it’s called Rooms Of The Magnificent. I’d already blogged about this song once, actually it was my second blog post ever, when I first started doing this thingy long ago, you know? That very old post can be linked here, if you wanna check it out? Trying NOT to repeat myself today but I do totally love this track and can’t see why it shouldn’t have two posts? While I’m at it, making it easy for you to find him online: Ed’s Bandcamp is linked here with mainly live recordings plus his Second Winter album which was re-recording of his early solo album of 80’s. His Spotify linked here does only have albums dating back to early 2010’s. His iTunes linked here does have pretty much have all his solo albums from mid-80’s to 2015’s Lost Cities album and Last Cab To Darwin soundtrack plus reminding anyone/everyone in the last few years he’s been doing The Aints! band/project, revisiting his late 70’s punk band The Saints, also should have his website linked here as well. Starting next week is his Aussie tour with drummer Jim White tooo, I can’t wait for their Freo gig!

The very last time I blogged about EK which wasn’t that long ago really, it was January linked here which was another SOTD post/song of 1996 which I’ve made a few edits/adding some more songs from that album. Since then I’ve realised it’s a bit hard to find some of his stuff online, unless you use iTunes? I don’t use that bloody thing myself but know Rooms Of The Magnificent album was last reissued in 2010 on CD so a little over ten years ago but haven’t a clue how easy it would be to get a copy of it would be? Maybe, no one wants a CD copy? Off course, linked a lot of his online stuff above. Anyway should have just made a playlist but I seem to really love tooo embedded shit load of YouTube in one post! Here’s the whole of that album that I can find on YouTube. The album’s track opening song was the title track Rooms Of The Magnificent:

See top of this post for second track and third song was Sea Air:

The Sixteen Days was next or the fourth track:

#5 is Without Your Mirror had another video clip and ending side one, if you got the LP?

#6 was No Point In Working or pretending we’re flipping to side two, right now:

#7 I Am Your Prince:

#8 Spent Five Years:

#9 Show Pony:

#10 Nothing You Can Do:

Announcement: if you’ve been or maybe NOT been following my little alphabet SOTD posts over the last whatever the hell it’s been? It’s amazing shit now, this week got to the last half dozen “AL” something tracks, if anyone still cares? Most likely NOT! Yeah, after six more bloody posts/songs I will get and start everything “AM” something songs! I bet everyone out there can’t wait for that? I was going to included a lot more “AL” but really it’s far past time to move on, isn’t it?

It’s purple-ish EK image from the back of Rooms Of The Magnificent album cover.

Cheers! 🙂



    1. oh well, you don’t have to comment all the time really but cheers for letting me know you find some good stuff on my little blog because i do sometimes do wonder, you know?
      Cheers Tiffany 🙂


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