Song of the Day: Aluminum by The White Stripes

No joke but I think, this is one of my most favorite The White Stripes tracks of all-time! It’s got no real lyrics but Jack does kind-of sing so you can’t called it an instrumental, most likely best way to describe this track is just over two mins. of noise! Also I’ll say, I always did think they put it as the wrong number on the album track listing, should have been number 13 to match aluminum’s number on the periodic chart but it’s 12 on that albums’ track listing, you know? Anyway it’s from White Blood Cells of 2001, which I don’t have to told you that was their breakthrough third studio album but almost everyone out there would maybe, most likely forget about this song? So adding it to my little SOTD posts today for this Monday morning! Let keep it as a short one because they’re, The White Stirpes are pretty popular so I’ll leave it up to you to find more, if you want more now?

NOT The White Stipes but aluminum’s Encyclopedia Britannica diagram about it, more is linked here!

Cheers! 🙂


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