Song of the Day: Altise Lament by Seekae

I’ve got some chili out electronic vides this Tuesday morning for you, if you wanna check it out? This track was a bonus track on the deluxe edition of Seekae second album entitled +Dome plus was also B-Side to their Sir single lifted for that same album. Seekae were, past tense because they never did official broken up but I think, are over and done with but would be great if they did do something more? I very much doubt that somehow, unfortunately. If you’ve never heard of them? Explaining a little more now: they’re an Aussie band was a trio from Sydney is now most well-known for being Alex Cameron’s band before he when solo! I was nuts about the band itself back when they kicked off in late 2000’s, you know? I think, I might have says all this before, if you’ve been following/listening/reading my little blog for a very longtime? Pretend you don’t remember, if you’ve heard this bit before, OK? It’s been a long time since blogging about any of them so maybe you don’t really remember anything anyway?

The first two album’s he didn’t even sing on, both those couple would be my faves by them! They’re the debut The Sound Of Trees Falling On People of 2008 and +Dome of 2011 were instrumental electronic classic albums, in my tiny optional. I wasn’t impressed when Cameron did start to sing on the third and still what is their final album The Worry of 2014 and then his debut solo Jumping The Shark album also of 2014, which at first he gave away for free on his own website, originally my very hash criticism was “thank fuck, I didn’t pay for that” but I’ve revisited that now, it’s pretty great debut. I didn’t really get it, I guess maybe my main problem is I just missed the the old electronic band stuff, more that anything? Did think, they had more than a couple albums in them but were cut short for a bloody solo career. It did take awhile to get over this and to open up tooo something totally different so it wasn’t until Candy May single/video and his second solo album Forced Witness of 2017 I did come around to his totally wicked solo stuff. Anyway that’s more about AC but please check out Seekae, if you’ve got sometime or something? Here’s the +Dome album minus Altise Lament and the rest of those bonus tracks because it’s NOT the deluxe edition:

It’s Seekae with Alex Cameron (left) with clippers giving haircut to George Nicholas (middle) and John Hassell standing (right).

Cheers! 🙂


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