End of the Month New Music list: May 2021

It’s that time yet again, number five today of this bloody year! Let’s keep these intro’s on the shorter side and get on with the best new music and keeping it to a top ten!

Kicking off with what I’m most hyped about! It’s one of my most fave singer-songwriters of all-time: Gareth Liddiard (The Drones/Tropical Fuck Storm) and he’s got a totally brand new project and a few days ago, let us know it’s called: Springtime. The rest of the members is like one of my most fave drummer and piano players with a trio line-up: Jim White (Dirty Three/Xylouris White) on drums and Chris Abrahams (The Necks) on piano/keyboards. Recorded live at Brunswick Ballroom in Melbourne on May 13th, that’s Penumbra just above, an old song by The Drones, sounding nothing like it once did, other than the lyrics. The three of them have been recording brand new songs for a totally new album, they’re promising before the end of this year. Liddiard’s other band Tropical Fuck Storm at the moment already have a brand new album as well in the can, still waiting for news about that one? It seem Vivid Fest in Sydney this year has both acts playing these yet to be release albums in Aug. So maybe, sometime like Sept. or after release dates but that’s just my guess?

That’s gotta be video clip of this month: Not Waving with My Sway featuring Jonnine Standish of HTRK, yet another one of my most fave singers!

From what gotta be my album of this month: How To Leave Your Body by Not Waving. A few other guests are Mark Lanegan on Last Time Leaving Home Part 2, Dark Mark and Not Waving did a whole together a couple of years ago now. Spivak on Never Ready and non-vox guest is Jim O’Rourke on closing track My Best Is Good Enough but all the instrumental tracks are just as great as the special vocalist ones so as a whole it’s wicked cool album, very highly reco by me!

Marianne Faithfull with Warren EllisShe Walks In Beauty was released on the 30th of last month but off course, that’s the day eg: last day of month is when I post-up this type of post so didn’t really listen tooo it until this month really. I’ve blogged how much I love Woz about a billon times, unless your a new reader/listener/follower? You’ll know this and shouldn’t be a shock his album with Marianne be included in this month of May! It’s really a spoken word album, Faithfull isn’t singing but reading very old poems by Lord Byron, John Keats etc. with Ellis’ atmosphere music works perfect with all these old poems. Amazing we’ve got this one at all because Faithfull almost died of C-19 last year, you know?

So it’s the second album released on the 30th of last month: Superwolves by Matt Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince” Billy, it’s the sequel album to Superwolf which was released by them way back in 2005. They had to do another one together sooner or later but they just make everyone wait forever for it. See just above for very same reasons it wasn’t included last month. Off course, maybe not as wicked epic great as the first one, I think that one would be in easy top three albums of BPB so very hard act to follow or to better but this new one is still very good listening, you know?

Yet another video clip of this month plus it’s from up-coming album I’m also most looking forward tooo! LiarsSekwar from album The Apple Drop which is dropping on 6th August. Angus Andrew came home to Australia in late 2010’s after forming the Liars in America at art school, this is going be the third Liars album with the new-ish line-up including yet another of my most fave drummer with Laurence Pike plus multi-instrumentalist Cameron Deyell and lyricist Mary Pearson Andrew who must be married to Augus, I guess?

I’ve picked out four covers this time around: starting with Mr. Bungle doing Loss of Control, original by Van Halen of 1980. It’s even more Mike Patton goodies this year, was a livestream last year but now is coming to DVD, Blu-ray and even VHS tape is The Night They Came Home, the whole thing is out next month on June 11th.

Gang Of Four tribute album is on it’s way, it was being worked on by late great Andy Gill at the time of his death last year, entitled Problem Of Leisure. It’s going to be out also next month sometime, dates seem be to various depending where you look? Anyway that’s the Idles doing a killer version of Damaged Goods, originally from 1979.

Army Of Me by both Julia Jacklin and RVG doing Bjork’s classic track from 1995. It’s done for a festival in Melbourne called Rising’s singles club as you can see, I guess? That fest is now half cancelled/postponed or something because Mel-town has gone into snap lock-down this week, yet again!

The last cover track of the month just has to be Sharon Van Etten with Some Things Last A Long Time, originally by Daniel Johnston in 1990.

Yet one more video clips and yet more Sharon Van Etten doing a duet with Angel Olsen, doing a totally brand new song together called Like I Used To. So last video clip song for this month, maybe call it the duet of the month or something?

Updated: last month I was blogging posthumous album I Won’t Bend For You by Brian Henry Hooper saying it’s NOT on any streaming sites but for Bandcamp Friday earlier this month it was added for listening/buying, check it out, if you didn’t know about it? It’s Hoops last album/songs forever and closing this month post!

That’s my own highlights of new stuff for you or anyone who cares? Hope you found something you dig?

It’s the new band called Springtime featuring Chris Abrahams (left), Gareth Liddiard (middle) and Jim White (right) all looking very happy about it!

Cheers! 🙂

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