Song of the Day: Altered State by Sepultura

Sepultura the word is Portuguese for grave and Sepultura the band is a Brazilian heavy metal act who would be easy in my own top five metal acts of all-time! I think, I might have say that before on my tiny blog somewhere? Seps run of 90’s album are very hard to top, in my opinion. That’s 1991’s Arise album to Roots album of 1996 with Chaos AD of 1993 in the middle, any other metal act would to beat these bloody wicked classic albums! If never listen to them put these three on and have a listen tooo them, see what you think? In 1996 like a lot of metal bands before them, members had a big falling out but you could read about something else but ended the run of great albums. Today’s track is just an album track or non-single from Arise album but really any of those album tracks could have been singles, well I think they could have been because each song is so strong but maybe, that’s just me? I’m got studio album version above and them doing live one below because you really have to see them live, you know?

So I was trying but fail to finish off my SOTD posts last month, starting with the letters “AL” and now we’re down to the last three at the start of this month, you know? Bonus track today because almost always I can’t just do one song per post, is the another heavy metal track. Putting the couple of metal songs together make sense, right? Call it metal Tuesday morning or something? This one just missed out because they’re already featured in these SOTD posts before, Altar/Alter words have also had posts tooo, if you want a reason they’re just the bonus track and NOT the feature again? It’s Slayer with Altar Of Sacrifice of 1986’s album Reign In Blood:

Here’s the Sep guys with the Brazilian flag, back in the early 90’s!

Cheers! 🙂


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