Song of the Day: Always by Magic Dirt

So that track is halfway point or track number five on Magic Dirt epic wicked last album entitled Girl of 2008. I think, it would be one my most favorite of MD back catalog. If you’ve never heard of them they’re a band from Geelong, Victoria, Australia that had been going since the 90’s. Dean Turner the band’s bass player passed away soon after this album was released of a very rare disease, they have a few reunion shows in last couple of year or two but any full scale reunion is kind-of impossible ATM because, you know why? Remember Adalita who’s popped up only last month in one of my re-posts is MD singer-songwriter who has had 2 solo albums, still waiting for any word on her third solo album! Anyway here’s the whole Girl album to listen toooo:

Because it’s now down to the second last “Al” something SOTD post, what’s going to be the last one? Hopefully posting it tomorrow or sometime soon-ish? It’s Friday post, almost weekend so you’re getting a few more “Always” songs that did missed out on the very top spot but are still included as extra bonus tracks or something? I might, do this for now on, you know? Like just one post for each word/post because before I’d done like “Always” something else and done a couple or few or even way toooo much on each possibly. I’ll be here forever doing SOTD posts if I don’t do a little bit more culling! But because they can’t totally miss out, that wouldn’t be fair. here’s a pile them all in as special extras! I’ll most likely be here forever doing this SOTD blogging project anyway but maybe, a little less forever, if that makes any sense at all?

Starting with couple more “Always” songs so maybe, call it a top three “Always” tracks according to me at least, it’s some old C&W with Patsy Cline:

Lenny Cohen also has a bloody great Always song of his 90’s album The Future:

Onto yet a few more song starting with “Always” then something else song titles which are an all-Aussie selection, sorry to the rest of the world songs but maybe, if you know or can think off one or more “Always” songs? Please share it/them below with me, OK?

Sarah Blasko has a couple, BTW she also has a couple of “All” tracks which both those songs did missed out because I heavily culled that one too plus I didn’t think to do something like this back then. One of these are from the same album which I’ve also has featured already in my SOTD posts with yet another word/post. It’s from the What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Get album and this was the single or the video clip for Always On This Line:

Always Worth It is her second/final song starting with the very same word but was from her debut or earlier album called The Overture & the Underscore:

Always Something There To Remind Me by Rebecca’s Empire, yeah it’s a cover which was written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach which on Aussie tribute album to them back in the late 90’s:

Always Late by The UV Race from album entitled Homo of 2011, full album linked here:

Always Keep A Light On by The Nation Blue from album entitled Blue of 2016, full album linked here:

So I guess, that’s kind-of like top eight “Always” tracks in a list or something? Maybe, too much in post which suppose to be just one track? But like I was saying, trying to stuff about a little less, does that work a little bit better or not? Or do you all out there now feel a little rip-off or something? Anyone got any “Always” song/s tooo share with me or what?

So this is very early MD image were the song is very late MD, you know?

Cheers! 🙂


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