Song of the Day: A.L.C. by Dry Cleaning

OK, today is my little SOTD finale of “AL” tracks titled but it’s really A dot L so that might be creating a bit or something? A.L.C. song I guess, also really might, really not be the greatest track from the band calling themselves Dry Cleaning, if you’ve not yet check them out? It’s now the most brand newest song in my SOTD posts because it was only out a couple of months ago, you know? I guess, they’re ATM my favorite new-ish band but today I’m also including two EP from 2019 tooo, if you wanna check out their older stuff and haven’t yet or something? They’re so very, very English but in a totally good way, I think? I guess, musically they’re so very post-punk and if that’s not your thing, you might not dig them as much as me? Vocalist Florence Shaw does also really have her very own style, some peeps might not even call it singing? I love them so much, my biggest discovery of 2021 for me and I would go as far so calling their album entitled New Long Leg as my pick for album of the year, so far! So gotta ask, want do you think of them?

The smiling/laughing members of the Dry Cleaning band with pet dog, who’s NOT really in the band, you know?

Cheers! 🙂


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