Mid-Year New Music list: 2021

So making this post a little longer or on the longer side because I’ve NOT been very good at blogging this past month, OK? I’m picking my own favorite top ten albums of the last six month but only including one track embedded from YouTube below. Each whole albums are almost all on Bandcamp, if you wanna check them out? Maybe, you like to use something else? Adding a few other catalogues after my top ten albums tooo! Almost all below I’ve blogged before sometime in my end of the month lists/posts so sorry for repeating some who’ve made the cut to the halfway point of 2021!

Starting with the very top spot which really shouldn’t be a big surprise because I did say it kind-of in one of my very last blog post two/three weeks ago or around that? It’s the English the band calling themselves Dry Cleaning with debut album New Long Leg. So here’s closing track entitled Every Day Carry which I think, is the one I like/love the best but most likely isn’t really the most catchy track on that album plus it’s the longest song at over seven mins.:

Below is in just random order or really NOT numbered or anything, because I don’t do that kind-of thingy but all are the albums I’ve very much enjoy the very most so putting something at number 2 or 10 always seems a bit silly, to me music isn’t really like a car race or Olympics or something?

As The Love Continue by Mogwai: Scottish post-rockers, it’s another seven mins. plus track I’ve picked with Drive The Nail:

Romantic Notions by Mere Women: Sydney band was back, here’s Imperfectly which is on the shorter side at nearly four mins:

echo by Indigo Sparke: her debut album got be her track called wolf which seems I’m going on about time length, it’s a little over four mins.:

OH NO by Xiu Xiu: here’s Sad Mezcalita which does have guest vox Sharon Van Etten which is the opening track:

How To Leave Your Body by Not Waving: well, it’s gotta be My Sway with guest vox Jonnine (Standish) of HTRK:

L.W. by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: They won yesterday’s post top June album but have released a couple of albums already this year, you know? I’m picking earlier album and O.N.E. song from this LP which does have a video clip:

Tonic Immobility by Tomahawk: American supergroup is back, here’s the opening track again but it’s called SHH!:

CARNAGE by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: they’re great on this as a duo but I will say just like Ghosteen album of 2019, I do really miss the drums. So the song Old Time does have Bad Seeds drummer Thomas Wylde which seem to the one I dig the very most, here’s hoping Tommy gets back to full-time drumming on the whole next album? But off course, this one still cracked my ten faves of first half of months of 2021:

Dream #12 by Mess Esque: which might be more an EP that album so maybe, file it under best EP in the last six months and change it to top nine albums or put the soundtrack album in next tooo can make it ten? Here’s video clip for Big Old Blue:

Soundtrack album of the first half of this year goes to Island of The Hungry Ghosts by Aaron Cupples, here’s track called The Protester:

Live recording track of the first half of this year just has to be old 2000’s The Drones song, Penumbra by Springtime:

Stand alone track, I guess it could be a single but I think, it’s only released on Bandcamp, NOT got a video clip or anything like that, is got to be Walking Thru Walls by Jonnine (Standish) of HTRK::

Cover song of the first half of this year easy goes to Peace Signs by Idles, originally by Sharon Van Etten from her epic Ten reissue release, maybe call it reissue runner-up:

Top reissues of this year, so far for me has to be PJ Harvey‘s Demo series of her albums which is: Dry, To Bring You My Love, Is This Desire?, Stories From The City/Sea and Uh Huh Her. Which I think, those first couple came out late last year but I haven’t really blogged about any of these and say how wicked cool they’re so might be a good way finish today’s post, here’s one track from each of them Dress, Meet Ze Monsta, The Garden, Kamikaze and Who The Fuck? – Demos:

You might have found something above you’ve already have been digging so far this year or maybe, something you might have missed tooo?

It’s Dry Cleaning yet again!

Cheers! 🙂


  1. I listened to several songs William. I do like Mogwai’s music, and the instrumental “Drive the Nail” is very cool. I also like the songs by Mere Women, Indigo Sparke, Xiu Xiu and, of course, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard.

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