Playlist: Yearly 1999 list

So here’s a big huge one to start this month because last month blogging was a bit shit but might be consisted a bit lazy blogging also? Because I’ve done this before, you know? Just to mix it up a little more on my little blog because lately I’ve been stuffing about with my yearly playlists on YouTube. So as you can see I’m posting one up again! I think, or hope to revisit them or some of them but got years dating from 1955 to 2010, that might take a while? I’ve been doing a bit of editing, I don’t know if anyone remembers them anyway? Mainly I’ve been include them in my 1001 albums book posts which but I’ve been adding even more tracks and re-hashing it totally by itself here and now, OK? I don’t how why? Kick-of with year 1999 which is now at epic huge 130 songs! Maybe because I do love the 90’s, have I say that before? More edits are all the Aussie tracks are now at the very start, adding even more songs tooo, almost making it to 50 opening tracks of Aussies but really Shihad are a Kiwi band, even if Aussie’s like borrowing/stealing New Zealand acts but they have been based in Australia themselves in their long career.

If I was going to say my all-time fave album of 99? It would have to be Teenage Snuff Film by Rowland S. Howard, his debut solo which his track Dead Radio is three songs in. Runner-up album would be little known Perth W.A. band with The Tigers debut entitled Space Coyote has to be up there for me, their song Scared Like A Rabbit is second track in. Augie March opens this playlist which that’s from their Waltz EP so that could call the best EP of that year so that’s the Aussies! So what about the oversea releases for me? Let’s say Tom Waits’ comeback entitled Mule Variations closely followed by Fiona Apple’s second one called When the Pawn… to just name a couple more so moving the tracks A Mistake by FA and Chocolate Jesus by TW to where all the oversea acts begin! Anyway what’s yours? Hopefully I’ve got something from it? I’ve still got all oversea acts mixed up, say NOT putting English or American etc. together after those opening Aussies but it’s more in styles of music than anything. Plus adding some my favorite bigger mainstream hits right at the very end which somehow haven’t been included yet? Hopefully the whole thing overall has a good/great flow to it? Edit adding a line each for:

The best/my favorite video clip for song of 1999 was The Moth Ball by Augie March

The best/my favorite “Aussie Album” of 1999 was Teenage Snuff Film by Rowland S. Howard

The best/my favorite “Overseas Album” of 1999 was Mule Variations by Tom Waits

1999 playlist track listing is or should be:

  • Augie March – The Moth Ball
  • The Tigers – Scared Like A Rabbit
  • Rowland S. Howard – Dead Radio
  • Kim Salmon & The Business – Anticipation
  • Dirty Three – A Strange Holiday
  • The Necks ‎- Hanging Gardens (First 10 mins.)
  • Stephen Cummings – Wishing Machine
  • Tim Rogers & The Twin Set – Twenty Eight
  • Nick Barker – Fence Building
  • Underground Lovers – Cold Feeling
  • The Stickmen – Man Made Stars
  • The Avalanches – Electricity
  • Renee Geyer – You Broke A Beautiful Thing
  • Bluebottle Kiss – Girl Genius
  • 78 Saab – Like It Was Before
  • Mick Turner – El Arbol
  • Charlie Marshall & The Body Electric – Crying Shame
  • Hungry Ghosts – Waltz
  • The Dave Graney Show – Drugs Are Wasted On The Young
  • Hard-Ons – Small Talk
  • Mach Pelican – Don’t Leave Me Alone
  • Beaverloop – Splatterpunk
  • Gerling – Enter Space Capsule
  • Snog – Late Twentieth Century Boy
  • The Fauves – Bigger Than Tina
  • Custard – Hit Song
  • Icecream Hands – Dodgy
  • Tumbleweed – Glow In The Dark
  • Even – Sunshine Comes
  • Jebediah – Animal
  • Spiderbait – Glockenpop
  • Powderfinger – Already Gone
  • george – Polyserena
  • Kasey Chambers – The Captain
  • Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill – Our Sunshine
  • Silverchair – Miss You Love
  • Regurgitator – Happiness
  • Something For Kate – The Astronaut
  • Grinspoon – Rock Show (You Don’t Know Me)
  • Killing Heidi – Weir
  • Frenzal Rhomb – Never Had So Much Fun
  • Bodyjar – Hazy Shade Of Winter
  • Screamfeeder – Walls Come Tumbling Down
  • Midnight Oil – Pub With No Beer
  • Ed Kuepper & Felicity Urquhart – Camooweal
  • Jimmy Little – The Way I Made You Feel
  • The Church – Cortez The Killer
  • Nick Cave – John The Revelator (Live)
  • Michael Hutchence & Bono – Slide Away
  • Shihad – My Mind’s Sedate
  • Fiona Apple – A Mistake
  • Tom Waits – Chocolate Jesus
  • David Bowie – Something In The Air
  • Mogwai – Stanley Kubrick
  • Chris Cornell – Flutter Girl
  • Ani DiFranco – Angry Anymore
  • The Flaming Lips – Waitin’ For Superman
  • Tricky – For Real
  • Kool Keith – Livin’ Astro
  • Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400
  • Moby – Bodyrock
  • The Fall – Touch Sensitive
  • Blink-182 – What’s My Age Again?
  • Muse – Sunburn
  • The Folk Implosion – Free To Go
  • Sebadoh – Flame
  • Beth Orton – Stolen Car
  • Aimee Mann – Save Me
  • dEUS – Instant Street
  • Mark Lanegan – Shiloh Town
  • Sigur Rós – Svefn-g-englar
  • Fugazi – I’m So Tired
  • Built To Spill – Carry The Zero
  • Sparklehorse – Sunshine
  • Mr. Bungle – Sweet Charity
  • Slipknot – Wait And Bleed
  • Boredoms – ◌ (Circle)
  • Primus & Tom Waits – Coattails Of A Dead Man
  • The Dillinger Escape Plan – Variations On A Cocktail Dress
  • The Roots – Double Trouble
  • MF Doom – Who You Think I Am?
  • Peanut Butter Wolf – Definition Of Ill
  • Inspectah Deck – Femme Fatale
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard – You Don’t Want To Fuck With Me
  • Mos Def – Mathematics
  • DMX – Slippin’
  • Beastie Boys & Biz Markie – Benny And The Jets
  • The White Stripes – Stop Breaking Down
  • Pearl Jam – Last Kiss
  • Luna – Sweet Child O’ Mine
  • Rammstein – Stripped
  • Fear Factory & Gary Numan – Cars
  • Basement Jaxx – Red Alert
  • The Dust Brothers – Who Is Tyler Durden?
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue
  • Tori Amos – Bliss
  • Papa M – Drunken Spree
  • Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Death To Everyone
  • Mogwai – Cody
  • Smog – Let’s Move To The Country
  • Ali Farka Touré – Ali’s Here
  • Sleater-Kinney – Get Up
  • Supergrass – Pumping On Your Stereo
  • Mouse On Mars – Distroia
  • Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
  • Rage Against The Machine – Sleep Now In The Fire
  • Nine Inch Nails – Somewhat Damaged
  • Low – Don’t Understand
  • The Angels Of Light – Angels Of Light
  • Pavement – Spit On A Strange
  • Suba – Voce Gosta (I Know What You Like)
  • Khaled & Amar – El Harba Wine
  • XTC – Frivolous Tonight
  • The Magnetic Fields – Love Is Like Jazz
  • Nitin Sawhney – Anthem Without Nation
  • Death In Vegas & Iggy Pop – Aisha
  • Le Tigre – Hot Topic
  • Metallica & San Francisco Symphony Orchestra – Minus Human
  • Shack – Comedy
  • Eminem – 97′ Bonnie & Clyde
  • Dr Dooom – Bald Headed Girl
  • Roots Manuva- Juggle Tings Proper
  • RZA – Samurai Showdown (Raise Your Sword)
  • Squarepusher – Square Rave
  • Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Know Me
  • The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl
  • Blur – Coffee And TV
  • Dido – Thank You
  • Madonna – Beautiful Stranger
  • Blondie – Maria

Is anyone out there really going to listen to all 130 songs? I don’t know? Let me know how far you get or what? So even if you just click on one, hope you do enjoy it!

Picking fave movie of that year as feature image which was a female actor or actress who stared in that said movie last time I did that for this type of post, for some reason I forget now? I’ll stick with that but this time around for year 1999 I’ll picked out Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai as the best/my favorite film, who was directed by Jim Jarmusch and Forest Whitaker stars as the title character but it’s…

The very young Camille Winbush as Pearline in Ghost Dog. BTW who grew up to be most well known as Michonne in The Walking Dead TV series. Here’s she’s reading Hagakure, the kind-of essential book of a samurai warrior, if you’ve never watch TWD? Michonne used samurai sword to kill zombies is the link!

Cheers! 🙂



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