Song of the Day: The AMM of Punk Rock by The Dead C

After like a month since the very last SOTD post, finally here’s the next one for you today! If anyone out there remembers? But because it’s been so long since the very last post SOTD you all out there might have forgotten, it’s alphabetically order and we’re now up to Am… something songs. It’s the very first one I thought of which has double “M” plus is one of the craziest tracks I’ve post so far in all these posts I’ve done. I’ve banged on and on before about how much I love this band before toooo! They’re Noise rockers, if you’ve never heard of them? They’re from New Zealand and this song is from the album called Future Artists of 2007. It’s that album’s opening track and does go for 13 plus mins. toooo!

Last month at Dark Mofo festival in Hobart, Tassie that Kiwi band played what seems to be biggest huge epic show with the yank tank Thurston Moore, you know? Formally of Sonic Youth, I wasn’t there but want I’ve read about it, it’s already a legendry gig and I’m hoping, finger-crossed someone recording it? That would easy be the very first international acts playing in Australia for well over a year or something? Anyone out there want tell more about it, who was there? Please do! I don’t know how they did it but now, I really wish I was there!

Back to the song I should be talking about today, the AMM referred to in the song title isn’t the Arctic Monkey’s album of 2013 which is only one “M” but the totally obscure U.K. 60’s band called that, their 1966/7 debut album entitled Ammmusic is considered an underground music classic, here that whole album:

Yeah, I admit that’s some bat-shit crazy music for your Friday morning! But hope you still dig it?

It’s The Dead C playing a gig, remember them?

Cheers! 🙂


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