Song of the Day: Am I In Love by The UV Race

Who wants some obscure Aussie indie rock for your Monday morning? Hope you had a good weekend? I’m back after missing only a couple days!

This was track number ten from their self-titled debut of 2009 which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mikey Young who’s in bands Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control, The Green Child etc. On the album’s credits someone called James V. no last names, only first or given names are given, does do the drum and horn solos on Am I In Love song. I’ve posted this Melbourne band before on my little blog because I love them so much. One of the reasons to start with they’re a really great live band, seen them when I was over east a while back obviously not anytime lately because of you-know-what? The six members of The UV Race also have been in quite a few other Mel-town acts, to name some of them: Dick Diver, Lower Plenty, Sleeper & Snake, Straightjacket Nation, Terry, Total Control, Constant Mongrel, Leather Towel, NUN etc. The UV Race last album was in 2019 called Made In China which their fourth which at the time was a bit of a comeback, linked here. The other earlier UV Rave albums was the third album entitled Racism of 2012, linked here and second one was called Homo of 2011, linked here so can you tell the kind-of theme going on? Here’s the full self-titled 2009 album, if you wanna listen to the whole thing?

It’s The UV Race, I don’t really know who’s who but UV front-man is up the back behind everyone else with beard.

Cheers! 🙂


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