Song of the Day: Ambered by Bluetile Lounge

A very nice mellow Monday morning track for you, if you wanna check it out? It’s more not well-known Aussie stuff from the 90’s, if you’ve never heard of them? They’re from sub-genre called Slowcore which also I guess, is not very well-known type or style of music from all the different ones from the 90’s. What I can find online most of the “Slowcore” bands don’t really like that label but I’m not the best with labeling things, you most likely already know? Have to say, Slowcore is a very good describing word of this music even if I hate labels myself. That’s perfect way to just describe what’s happening, what some genres are called makes little senses to me sometimes, do you know what I mean or not? Anyway on to the band themselves, who are named after skateboarding term for an empty swim pool, you know? They’re yet another one of my all-time favorite not just Aussie but Perth W.A. bands, a few months ago I did my own huge 100 All-time Aussie acts and Bluetile Lounge are still after all this time made the cut. If you were here in this town/city back in the 90’s indie rock scene, you would know them because it was so small and they were word-of-mouth legends. Forming early 90’s then taking time to release their debut album entitled lowercase with only five tracks but with avenge time length of those songs at 9 mins. so, yeah they played these mind-blowing long and incredible slow tracks. lowercase was put-out in 1995, also somehow on an American label because almost all those other so-called Slowcore acts where from U.S.A. Today’s song Ambered is the longest on that album at just a little over 12 mins. and second last track on it. Their second album followed in 1997 called half cut which is well worth checking out tooo, if you like this? That’s pretty much it for them but off course, going to their live gigs back in the day were beyond unbelievable! Here’s that lowercase album for you to listen, if you like tooooo?

Even more unbelievably earlier this year the band themselves say they’re reunited and then uploaded a demo of one totally new brand track they’re recently working on, with brand new album is coming soon:

It’s amazingly but this is one of the only photos of this band, you know?

Cheers! 🙂



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