Song of the Day: Ambergris by Died Pretty

Today’s Tuesday morning song is one of my most favorite track of the early period of this wicked great 80’s/90’s Aussie band, they’re pretty well-known I think? Who else remembers them? They were cruelty nicked named back at that time “born ugly” because they were not the most handsome blokes and off course, to taken the piss out the band’s name. Ambergris was from the Next To Nothing EP of 1985 but re-released a couple years later on the kind-of compilation called Pre Deity in 87. They formed in Sydney in early 1984, had nine albums then and they parted ways in 2002 but the band do still regularly perform reunion concerts. In Australia they never really crossed over to total mainstream success but were mainly on indie labels, maybe did sign to major at one point and did have a few kind-of hit singles/videos. What I understand outside Australia it was in few of those countries in mainland Europe where they had the biggest following overseas. Anyway I’m pretty sure they’re pretty easy to find out more about them these days, if you dig it? Also that’s the third and final Amber… something track to be added to my little pile of SOTD posts! To end here’s that Pre Deity comp album, it’s kind-of earliest songs plus some live recordings. Yeah, I remember seeing them and they were really bloody great live band toooooo!

BTW This track was on the now legendry but sadly long deleted comp album entitled Tales From The Australian Underground which was my very first blog post years ago linked here was all about that and at one point, I promised to blog every single song on it! So I guess, I’m one closer to doing that now?

It’s DP back in the 80’s!

Cheers! 🙂


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