Top 10 Tracks: The 70’s Songs list

So it’s seventies music Tuesday today for you! I don’t know why, I’ve NOT done something like this before? Now that I’m doing it, it seems like dead obvious thing to do on any music blog! I guess, I’ve finally gone around to it now? Once again, if you missed yesterday’s post, it’s just my own personal favorite songs with only some hits and some album tracks from this decade but this is what the 70’s means to me and very likely no one out there will agree with me? It’s just one track per act but can found anywhere plus it’s in no particular order. Let’s just get on with the music, OK?

Birdland by Patti Smith from Horses album (1975):

Union City Blue by Blondie from Eat To The Beat album (1979):

Messin’ With The Kid by The Saints from (I’m) Stranded album (1977):

Shivers by The Boys Next Door from Door, Door album (1979):

Do That Dance by Primitive Calculators from I Can’t Stop It/Do That Dance single (1979):

Non-Alignment Pact by Pere Ubu from The Modern Dance album (1978):

Golden Years by David Bowie from Station to Station album (1976):

Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush from The Kick Inside album (1978):

Dress Rehearsal Rag by Leonard Cohen from Songs of Love and Hate album (1971):

Sara by Bob Dylan from Desire album (1976):

OK, here’s where punk really broken out and try to limited myself because it really could just be all punk rock songs, you know? To me punk is by far the very best style of music! Should gone into a bit more details about why the hell these ten? Other than they’re the very best in my head! More Aussies here than last time in the 60’s. Nick Cave appears but it was Rowland S. Howard, the band’s guitar player who wrote that track. It’s Boys, Saints and Calculators so that’s amazingly only three Australian bands. A couple of English’s acts again and the rest are Nth American yet again! Bowie was recording that one in LA, you know? Mainly once again tail end of those ten years tooo with only one early 70’s track included. It’s four hit singles, one that was on a seven inch but wasn’t a hit at the time and the rest are just album songs. Blondie, Katie and Davy would be be most pop songs above, Lenny still doing his epic folk songs, Bobby is doing his folk rock here at this point. Any questions? Please let me know what you think of them, if you like? Or maybe, your own top ten from those ten years, if you’ve made one yourself before or maybe come up with one now yourself?

End note: Once again, I’ve changed my mind so now editing out past feature images of you know what? Changing these decade TTT posts to movie stills so scream again this time it’s…

Susan Backlinie as Chrissie in Jaws!

Cheers! 🙂


    1. Oh right, fair call about that but i did do a Dylan list last time i was doing these TTT posts! So can i ask? do you have a 70’s list or can you come up with one if i ask very nicely, pretty please with ice-cream strawberry on top!!!
      Cheers 🙂

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      1. Oh what a great job dude, there it is! i knew you would have done this before and how did i miss this? or did i already like it? the like button isn’t loading!
        Cheers yet again 🙂

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