End of the Month New Music list: July 2021

If you’ve lost count of months passing by? It’s chapter seven of 2021, which seems to be repeat of the real life nightmare of 2020, well vaguely or something pretty close-ish? Trying to focus on something positive, here’s some wicked music! My selection of this month, this time I’m starting with some of reissues so not really totally new but…

TISM reissue campaign has gone into mind-blowing over drive in July! I think, I’ve thrown some of them in before in these types of posts before but when I seen what they were releasing next, my head have an explosion from my shoulders and the rest of my body! I was cleaning up bits of my own brain from the walls for days when they arrived toooo! It was This Is Serious Mum debut album or sometimes refereed to as the self-titled demo tape. The story goes back in 1984 the original only had or they made something like few tapes, it’s been dubbed and bootlegged over the years but it’s incredible hard to find and was more of a myth and real thing until now! Releasing it on different color vinyl or CD with cassette with 500 of each but seems isn’t on any steaming sites. That tape lead to signing a record deal and recording the second album which is sometimes also referred to as their debut album toooo, just to be confusing or something? That’s the TISM whole thing, if you’re a fan? They would love to confuse or just piss you off or something like it?

So NOT just that was released but something called Punt Road was put out too, that’s NOT really an album so isn’t a reissue but more referred to as a never before released rehearsals tape of 1987. All the songs, if you know them at all? Maybe, you’ve never heard of TISM before today? All their classics 80’s songs up to that can be heard on this Punt Road, if you buy the CD you get bonus Raw CD which is again those classic songs but the recordings are, well even more “raw” but is also more fashionable vinyl tooo! Here’s a link leading to buying your own copy’s, if you need them? Above are a couple of the video clips of the 80’s to watch, Defecate On My Face and Saturday Night Palsy which is amazingly you can’t find not much of them online, you know? EDIT they’re on Bandcamp now! Those tracks are on these reissues but are a bit or very different versions, right now I’ll say these new reissues have better versions but if they re-released their so-called real albums I think, I would buy them all again because my copy’s unfortunately disappeared years ago!

OK, the totally brand new album of this month is Mountain Of Piss by Cosmic Psychos. It’s their eleventh album, it’s totally hard punk pub rock you know and you love from these drunk blokes, well maybe don’t know them? So you should check them out right now! If you want even more of them now? Their classic older albums are on bandcamp, linked here but for reason this new one isn’t there? Fun fact: somehow they cracked the AIRA charts top 20, that’s like the mainstream Aussie charts and Mountain Of Piss peaked at number 19 so now their highest chart position. I think, my fave on the whole album is Too Old To Drink In Pubs which is the one track missing their hard punk pub rock sound, a little more on the mellow side or at least for Cosmic Psychos, you know?

Video clip of this month: Ammo by MOD CON now has a video which is from Modern Condition album dropping in October.

Runner-up vid of the month: Yet more Erica Dunn lead singing, this time on New Romeo Agent by Tropical Fuck Storm from Deep States album coming next month.

Yet more King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard vids put out this month with Interior People song which I think, is my fave song from Butterfly 3000 album which was out last month, you know?

Astronaut track from Hijack! album by Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders which that album is not out until September.

Guided By Angels song from Comfort To Me album by Amyl and the Sniffers which this album is also not out until September. 

Rae Street track from Things Take Time, Take Time album by Courtney Barnett which we have to wait to November for that album.

Cover of the month has to go to Jen Cloher & Hachiku doing Fairytale In The Supermarket, original by The Raincoats in 1979.

Runner-up covers are Islands In The Stream and Midsummer Nights by Alex Cameron, both written by Bee Gees’ Barry Gibbs and performed by Kenny Rogers but off course Islands In The Stream was a duet with Dolly Parton, singing her part is Roan Yellowthorn which can be the duet of the month, that makes three months in a row including a duet in my end of the month posts!

That’s yet another top ten, hope you found something to dig above?

Who are these masked men? It’s TISM or that’s an acronym of This Is Serious Mum!

Cheers! 🙂



    1. Oh yeah, TISM they’re great and can’t wait for Courtney! I’m going OK but bored as hell, my fave live music just started up here but now nobody can get into this state but at least we’re not in lock-down and pretty safe and everything! How you doing? what’s happening in NZ? Haven’t heard anything later, hopefully that’s a good sign! Anyway stay safe and hope you’re doing well tooo! Cheers mate 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thats no good you are bored I feel the same way actually, it’s lockdown here too and it feels a bit restrictive. I hope they can knock over the case numbers soon so we can open up again, it would be nice to travel again and go to gigs. Take care mate and stay safe. 👍

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh that’s no good, you’re in lock-down, sorry I didn’t know, they just go on and on about what’s happening over east here so I guess, the rest of the world doesn’t count? Maybe, I should look for news farer a field? But I’m sick of hearing about it really, if you really want know? I know, most Aussies love sport to death but it seems to me it’s like the only form of live entertainment we can have right now, I guess it’s like that in NZ? Oh yeah, it’s all about numbers here tooo, so here’s hoping they can get on top of it all so sometime soon it get’s less boring? I was watching one of the older seasons of The Walking Dead again last night, in the middle of their zombie apocalypse they say “stay safe” and things that we say now, you know? Anyway you take care and stay safe tooooooo! Maybe, I should try to get back into blogging everyday? I’ve drop the ball on that lately!
        Cheers mate 🙂


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