Live Gigs: Reading 1992

Third and final Reading fest blog post is going up today for Sunday, lucky everyone out there! Once again I’m jumping all over the place and doesn’t come close to the right order, basically I’m looking at the list of acts who played on the poster/flyer and type into YouTube what I want to see? So I’m embedding them below in my own very random order tooo!

So the biggest name on the bill who closed the whole thing, I’m saving them for last or at least the last of the full sets I can find online, OK? Then following with some bits and pieces. Some fun facts I’ll share with you or are worth to pointing out in this little intro: is Kurt Corbin programmed/arranged Sunday’s main stage bill so I’ve got almost something from everyone who played that day below and because of just that fact today, I’m calling it the greatest Reading fest of all-time! Also did you know? Nirvana never played in the UK again after this show!

Off course Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds is starting today’s post’s music even if they played just before Nirvana wicked epic closing night set! The Bad Seeds and Nicolas have also never played Reading fest itself again, I don’t know why? Maybe, because of tribute to KC but also I really don’t remember NC ever talking about him or them in any interview so I don’t know what he thinks or if they meet each other on that day or what? Googling it doesn’t come up with anything tooo! Here’s eight mins. from side of stage or the back of the band’s head with the end of Brother, My Cup Is Empty and the whole of The Ship Song and then start of I Had a Dream, Joe:

Now here’s the band’s full set filmed from inside the crowd:

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds setlist at Reading festival, England on Sunday 30th of August:

  • Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
  • The Good Son
  • Brother, My Cup Is Empty
  • The Ship Song
  • I Had a Dream, Joe
  • The Mercy Seat
  • Christina the Astonishing
  • Deanna
  • The Weeping Song
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Encore: From Her to Eternity
  • Black Betty (Leadbelly cover)
  • Tupelo
  • New Morning

So going back to early on the same day in day light with Screaming Trees next, I remember reading Mark Lanegan book and he was KC great friends. Not just Reading bill this day but he was saying Corbin got Trees on the very same bill of a lot of festivals that summer in Europe/UK not the most fest promoters wanted them, Kurt just say he’s wouldn’t play there if they didn’t book ST too and one of the mainland Euro fest Kurt didn’t want to headline again so somehow talked them into playing after Nirvana then Screaming Trees had an on stage meltdown! Here’s 40 mins recorded from the crowd set by them but they’re a couple versions of the very same set on YouTube so for some mad reason I watched both them but I’ll only embedded one of them here, OK? I think, this one is the best!

Screaming Trees setlist at Reading festival, England on Sunday 30th of August:

  • Before We Arise
  • Shadow of the Season
  • Alice Said
  • Time for Light
  • Subtle Poison
  • Nearly Lost You
  • The Secret Kind
  • Ivy
  • Julie Paradise

Next I’m embedding is Rollins Band on Saturday, that’s the day before. Once again, like the Woodstock post I did last weekend the band only plays new stuff from then new album which this time it’s a couple years earlier so that’s the album entitled End Of Silence plus yet one more outtake that was not on that album plus then one older song called Hard which is from earlier album called Hard Volume of 1989 and then closing track is a wicked Pink Fairies cover! Got three different footage embedded of Rollins Band which all seems like it’s the very same recording but the video tape recordings seems to be or has almost fallen apart which is just a warning! Starting the couple opening songs of Low Self Opinion and Tearing and the sound is really horrible audio for about a couple mins. but does get better at around 1:50/2:00 mark. the second clip below has the songs Hard and What Do You Do which is the album outtake then cuts out in Another Life song. Then third Rollins clip below is the whole set but the YouTube user/uploader tells me/you/us/everyone it’s 1991 but that’s most deaf the wrong date because they didn’t play then! This ones sound and visuals drop in and out the whole time, I thinking/hoping it might just get better but it doesn’t so maybe it’s only for real die hard fans? At one point introducing Another Life song HR says “one of you out there is going to die young, at least one of you are going to OD’d and die!” etc. Could Hank talking about Kurt? Predicting his early death? Seem it’s a bit of a Kurt fest today: I do know for a fact Henry and Kurt never meet each other, Rollins once says he came close a few times because they were playing same festivals etc. but if say Rollins enter the same room back stage or somewhere like that and could see Corbin over the other side or somewhere? Kurt would just leave very quickly so Henry joked at one point “He would always runaway from me!” but then got very serious like HR does, saying his idea he thinks why that was, his strong anti-drug stand scared him off totally! BTW most Rollins fans will most likely know this but full audio of Reading fest set can be found on the bonus disc of End Of Silence Demos released in 2002 anyway here’s those three from YouTube:

Here’s the full set but this easy wins worst sound/images of my whole weekend of Reading fest blogs, I’m just been doing or just done:

Rollins Band setlist at Reading festival, England on Saturday 29th of August:

  • Low Self Opinion
  • Tearing
  • Hard
  • What Do You Do
  • Another Life
  • Hole in the Back of My Mind
  • Do It (Pink Fairies cover)

Something from Friday next with Pubic Image Ltd. which the day before that, you know? Seems I’ve typed something about this in my last few my two cents bits, I don’t know but I’m going to say that Lydon and Corbin never hung-out together and can’t even imagine them even getting along but I guess, getting along for anyone with Johnny is NOT possible! Googling it right now, the best I can come up with, is Lydon in 2010’s forgiving Corbin for “copying” the Sex Pistols because Johnny was pissed at Nirvana album’s title when it came out, feels it was just too close to copying! Anyway Pil played a couple of day before them and here’s crowd recording of their whole set:

Pubic Image Ltd. setlist at Reading festival, England on Friday 28th of August:

  • Kashmir (Led Zeppelin cover but it’s an instrumental)
  • Criminal
  • Love Hope
  • This Is Not a Love Song
  • Think Tank
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Seattle
  • Don’t Ask Me
  • Acid Drops
  • Cruel
  • The Body
  • Disappointed
  • Rise
  • Public Image
  • E.M.I. (Sex Pistols cover)

Well, L7 set at Reading this year is infamous for throwing a used tampon into the crowd! Explaining the band experienced technical difficulties in their set but the crowd wasn’t very nice to them at one point you can hear some bloke yell “suck my dick” at them which was before even they started playing. The rowdy crowd begin to thrown mud onto the stage while they played and close to the very end of their set, Donita Sparks removed her tampon while on-stage and then threw it into the crowd yelling: “Eat my used tampon, fuckers!” Sparks has remained unapologetic after this incident. I’m embedding the audio only version because it has a little better sound but the in the waving all over the place crowd hand-held cam version which they’re a few of the same on YouTube, you can find yourself, if you don’t believe me? I guess, some might wanna see the vis footage of that?

L7 setlist at Reading festival, England on Sunday 30th of August:

(Right On) Thru
Diet Pill (Enter Sandman cover snippet)
Pretend We’re Dead
Fast and Frightening

Mudhoney seems like the right band to put just before Nirvana NOT that happen on that Sunday but that’s my re-jig order here and now you’re getting, if you are looking at this mess I’ve made of the line-up? Amazing to think Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds played in-between both these couple of bands. I guess, grunge fest need a little breaking-up a bit? I’m embedding yet another audio only tooo:

Mudhoney setlist at Reading festival, England on Sunday 30th of August:

  • Who You Drivin’ Now?
  • You Got It
  • Get Into Yours
  • Thirteenth Floor Opening
  • Into the Drink
  • This Gift
  • Suck You Dry (Live debut)
  • If I Think
  • Let It Slide
  • Touch Me I’m Sick
  • Good Enough
  • Make It Now
  • No One Has
  • No End in Sight
  • Dead Love
  • Hate the Police (Dicks cover)

Today I’m saving Nirvana to very last of these full setlists because they did really close this show/fest, I guess? What more can you say about this gig? A lot has been say about it over the years, you know? A lot happens in 12 months, it’s been only one year since the last Reading fest which I blogged about it yesterday. After years of this being bootlegged it was official released in 2009. I’m going to say something about Kurt’s mocking dropping dead live on stage and the whole wheelchair thing at the very start of the show because really didn’t seem to help his metal heath at this point. I know everyone say it was supposed to be a joke or something? He had or was going to OD’d a couple of times which then was keep secret very badly and then off course, he did killed myself by early 1994. Some reason it’s edit out of the gig’s playlist on YouTube. Has been very nicely cut out so that bit of let’s call it Kurt’s performs art. Saying it’s the full concert in but it’s NOT just that bit of that performs art before the music then he/them start it cuts off, then below is full set as a playlist. Then the stage destruction or smashing instrumentals plus all the feedback and Star-Spangled Banner outro jam is also missing on that playlist but found it on YouTube too, Kurt goes down in the crowd again but this time he gives his guitar away to them, the end of the gig!

Nirvana setlist at Reading festival, England on Sunday night 30th of August:

  • Breed (preceded by Kurt being wheeled out in a wheelchair standing, singing opening line of Bette Midler’s The Rose and falling over, playing dead for moment before picking his guitar)
  • Drain You
  • Aneurysm
  • School
  • Sliver
  • In Bloom
  • Come as You Are
  • Lithium
  • About a Girl
  • tourette’s (Live debut but introduced as The Eagle Has Landed)
  • Polly
  • Lounge Act
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit (with More Than a Feeling snippet)
  • On a Plain
  • Negative Creep
  • Been a Son
  • All Apologies
  • Blew
  • Encore: Dumb
  • Stay Away
  • Spank Thru
  • Love Buzz (Shocking Blue cover)
  • The Money Will Roll Right In (Fang cover)
  • D-7 (Wipers cover)
  • Territorial Pissings (Star-Spangled Banner outro jam and smashing instrumentals)
I just had to included a image of KC in that wheelchair! Also it’s journalist Everett True behind him, who now lives in Australia.

Some highlights of one or a few songs or NOT full sets. Starting with Public Enemy which would have like to see more but this is all there is on YouTube. PE was headliner of Saturday night, here’s Fight The Power:

Would have like to find more PJ Harvey too but it’s only Sheela-na-gig but was filmed for some TV show with a silly intro by some TV presenter:

Manic Street Preachers on the Saturday is pro-filmed with three tracks from their set as You Love Us, Suicide Is Painless and Motown Junk plus Richey Edwards is back from the grave toooo or that should be he’s still alive at this point:

Ending with eight and half mins. of Melvins insanity very early on Sunday, sorry don’t know the names of whatever the hell it is they’re playing? Who can tell me the names of those songs? I’m not a huge Melvins fan but it’s side of stage film footage and at one point you can even see Kurt watching them:

So that’s seven whole sets again today’s post from 92 Reading plus a few bits or parts of sets over that weekend. Hope you dug something, if you pressed play? I’m missing some stuff as you see but I’m saying that’s the best or what I like/love the very best! Bitch and moan below, if I’ve forgotten your fave band? Some bands don’t seem to have any clips online but some I never ever got into do, OK? Were you really there, please let me know? That’s four festivals in a row which all seems to taken place in the month of August and is the very same month right now, if might have notices but I really didn’t plan it that way but maybe, it was unconscious?

Reading fest 2021 is on at the end of this month so I guess, gigs are back on in the UK? If you don’t know? I’m an Aussie for some unknown reason blogging about this English fest? So I will NOT be making it there this year! Anyway if you are going, I hope you have fun and enjoy it?

91’s poster/flyer!

Cheers! 🙂


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