End of the Month New Music list: Aug. 2021

So it’s part number eight of this year as today’s post! Have to say was a pretty great month of new stuff so here’s the highlights according to me and it’s been few and far between blogging this month so I’ve over loaded today’s post, maybe you might have already listen to all these but maybe, you haven’t?

Deep States by Tropical Fuck Storm is the leading new album release of this month but I have to say before talking about the music itself, wins the worst front cover album artwork of 2021 and who the hell photoshopped this shit? After a couple album covers featuring paintings by wicked Canadian artist Joe Becker which would be couple of the greatest and craziest albums artwork they go for a bad BS job with their ugly mugs on the cover this time. Anyway onto the songs now, at the point of release I’ve heard all but four out of ten tracks, a couple of the songs Suburbiopia and Legal Ghost were released last year but we might have new mixes of them here? Couple more G.A.F.F. and New Romeo Agent were put out in the last couple of months and then the week before Bumma Sanger was released. Then on first listen I figured out the unnamed brand new song they played live at Freo back in Feb. was called The Greatest Story Ever Told the opening track. After that it’s only these four: Blue Beam Baby, The Donkey, Reporting Of A Failed Campaign and The Confinement Of The Quarks. The Donkey which is seven min. long, I will say is my favorite because maybe it reminds me of The Drones or could be one of their old tracks, that’s Liddiard and Kitschin old band before TFS. BTW got to number seven on the Aussie ARIA mainstream charts, highest of any of their releases tooo:

The Churning Blue of Noon by Ov Pain which I think, maybe I really should have put this one in the very top album spot this month but TFS kind-of won by default, I guess? They’re darkwave duo of Renee Barrance (Élan Vital) and Tim Player (Opposite Sex) from Dunedin, NZ by way of Melbourne, Aus. This one is their second album but have had a few EPs/singles since that self-titled debut of 2017, linked here. I really wish or hope they could be more popular but I guess, they’re really NOT everyone’s cup of tea? They’re kind-of like Gothic synths with morbid lyrics plus a saxophone thrown in to make it all sound even more evil or something? I’ll say of these seven tracks, I think Winds of Sorrow is my fave which is the shortest track on The Churning Blue of Noon:

The Apple Drop by Liars is the third album by Angus Andrew since returning home to Australia after being based in USA from his whole career plus also worth to note he’s founding and only constant member so it really should be just Liar, no plurals. Overall it’s the tenth Liars’ album since early 2000’s but that’s if you don’t count the 1/1 soundtrack which I think, I do because that’s one of their very best so it’s eleventh one in my opinion but to early really to say where The Apple Drop goes but I’ve been playing it madly. I think, my fave track is My Pulse To Ponder so here’s the whole album:

For As Long As I Can Remember by Geoffrey O’Connor has been seven years since his last one and is whole duet album, all are with female Melbourne singers. Here’s their own bands/projects/albums with links following, if you wanna check them out? Opening and title track was also one of the lead video clips which included a month or two ago included in my end of the month posts, off course I’m mad about Jonnine who did release her debut solo album last year entitled Blue Hills plus sings for HTRK, their last album was Venus In Leo from 2019 but see a bit below in this post for big news. BTW both those couple of albums have won my albums of the years blog posts award shows for 2020 and 2019, you know? My next favorite guest singer here plus second fave track has to Sienna Thornton who’s from Cyanide Thornton, self-titled debut seven track release was from 2018 and is beyond wicked great so comes highly recommend. Sarah Mary Chadwick has a couple of duets on this album, her new-ish album was released earlier this year entitled Me & Ennui Are Friends, Baby. Laura Jean last album was called Devotion of 2018, Sui Zhen released Losing, Linda album in 2019, Caitlyn Lesiuk is from duo calling themselves Mystery Guest and Octagon City album was put out last year, June JonesLeafcutter album was released earlier this year, Nicole Thibault is singer for band called Thibault and their debut was entitled Or Not Thibault in 2020, Jess Ribeiro is another solo artist and her last album was LOVE HATE of 2019 and Summer Flake’s Steph Crase has the album closing song and their last album was Seasons Change in 2019. Here’s For As Long As I Can Remember album:

Candyman by Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe could be or should I say most likely already going to be my soundtrack/score of this year! These 30 plus tracks is pretty prefect from this highly reco movie, they’re calling it the spiritual sequel which I did see just couple of days ago. If you’re a fan of the old 90’s film you might notices Music Box is included in the tracklisting for this new one, yeah it’s Philip Glass cover from the original score/soundtrack. Lowe also has worked under the name Lichens but sorry to say I don’t know much about him? I’m most deaf going to be checking out all his old stuff now, has done a few scores before too. He’s multi-instrumentalist but what I understand uses mainly synthesizers and wordless vocals so here’s Candyman:

Infinite Granite by Deafheaven is a metal band from San Francisco who released a non-metal album, if you don’t know them? I only really got into Deafheaven last year but I’m digging this change of direction and seems to be even popular with longtime fans and seems to have pretty positive reviews else where toooo:

Song of this month and with huge big news of the month has to be Kiss Kiss and Rhinestones song by HTRK from brand new album entitled Rhinestones which is coming out next month! They’re calling it “gothic country music” LP but as far as I can tell it’s HTRK just adding acoustic guitars to their sound but we’re all going be able to see/hear what exactly they have done on 17th Sept. Both Real Headfuck and Reverse Déjà Vu were put out last year as double A-side, linking here because they don’t seem to be playable. I’m embedding full album even if only one track is working/streaming at the moment:

StVO song from Alter Schwede album by My Disco band is yet another LP I’m going to look forward tooo, have to wait for it until Nov. StVO is using German spoken word and continuing the industrial vides like their last album but who knows what you’ll think of it, if you’ve never heard of My Disco before? They have lately updated their bandcamp profile adding all studio albums, EPs and remixed thingos, linked here if you wanna check out more? Also embedding full album even if only one track is working/streaming at this moment:

Top couple of video clips of this month is both from Mess Esque with Take It Outside and Jupiter (Mix) from six track self-titled release coming in Oct. which is the very quickly following after five track Dream #12 EP, linked here which was only released earlier this year. Mess Esque are the Dirty Three’s guitar player Mick Turner and Helen Franzmann aka McKisko who also seem to be adding bass and drums to the line-up but haven’t got a clue who the players are, just session musos?

Third video today can be Hold Tight by Hard-Ons from I’m Sorry, Sir That Riff’s Been Taken album coming out in Oct. which featuring the very brand new member Tim Rogers from You Am I, who that band also made a come-back album earlier this year. As far as I can make out this new line-up of Hard-Ons has come about after original member singer/drummer Keish de Silva leaved again after re-joining as just lead singer for a few years. Guitar player Peter Blackie seems to have written this lead single but I don’t know if Tim Rogers has co-wrote any of this brand album’s songs or he’s just the singer? Tim normally plays guitar too but is listed as just the singer only on this coming soon album but in the video below everyone has got a guitar of some kind. Tim holding the bass guitar on the far right, bass player Ray Ahn who’s wearing the Sun Ra t-shirt is holding an acoustic guitar on middle right, then Blackie is left middle and Murray Ruse the drummer since 2011 on far left is also holding a guitar, if you wanna know who’s who below or if you don’t know them? In the past Hard-Ons have had guest singers like U.S.A. comedian Neil Hamburger in 2008 and U.S.A punk rocker Henry Rollins in 1992, you know? Here’s the new song/vid:

Self Replicator ​/ ​Everybody’s Out Of Town by Kim Salmon who in the last 12 months he’s reunion both his well-known older bands with Scientists, linked here and Surrealists, linked here which are both bands are from 70’s and 80’s bands. Now it’s time for just a brand new solo double sided single. It’s featuring Finn Keane and second track is a cover of an old Burt Bacharach & Hal David written song which was first released by B.J. Thomas in 1970, leading into the covers of Aug.:

Next cover song this month is A Real Indication by Xiu Xiu, originally by David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti who when under the name Thought Gang from Twin Peaks: Fire Walks With Me soundtrack of 1992. Off course, Xiu Xiu did do a whole album of re-worked Twin Peaks music in 2016, linked here so they’re return for one more in 2021:

Next cover song is I’ll Be Your Mirror by Courtney Barnett, originally written by Lou Reed sung by Nico on The Velvet Underground & Nico album of 1967. CB’s cover is from a whole various artists tribute album. It was the very last thing New York producer Hal Willner did before he passed away from C-19 last year, out on 24th Sept. also featuring cuts by Sharon Van Etten, Kurt Vile, etc.:

The last cover is The God That Failed by IDLES who are punk-rocking Metallica from the Blacklist huge tribute album to their self-titled album, better known as The Black Album of 1991 which is also being reissued as a big 30th anniversary celebration. I think, this one is easy the best of all the covers for this project that I’ve heard, at least:

Finishing with Vortex by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from B-Sides & Rarities Part II double disc for Oct. release plus you can also pre-order huge epic seven vinyl box-set of the 2005’s B-Sides & Rarities with this new one together, never been on vinyl before! Vortex was original recorded as part of the Grinderman sessions, side-project of late 2000’s but now is labeled/called a Bad Seeds track:

That’s top 15 for Aug. 2021, hope you dug something above?

TFS is Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin (left) who I don’t think never got married as such but have been in a long-term relationship since early 2000’s. Never seen them been romantic in public like kissing/holding hands etc. but can you call this romantic? What do you call this? Could be almost pornography, maybe? Lauren Hammel and Erica Dunn cracking-up (right).

Cheers! 🙂



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