Top 10 Tracks: The 2010’s Songs list

OK, today is the very last one of the last half a dozen decade’s best songs in my TTT posts so it’s all finished and done now! Here’s my all-time fave tracks from the last decade, if anyone out there cares? Both these two TTT yesterday and today plus posts from couple of months ago are in particular order, you know?

Lose The Baby by Lost Animal from Ex Tropical of 2011:

Eat Yr Heart by HTRK from Work (Work, Work) of 2011:

Strange Tourist by Gareth Liddiard from Strange Tourist of 2010:

Serpents by Sharon Van Etten from Tramp of 2012:

Codex by Radiohead from The King of Limbs of 2011:

The Repairer by Adalita from Adalita of 2011:

Weatherboard Man by Batpiss from Rest In Piss of 2017:

Mount Beauty by Jen Cloher from In Blood Memory of 2013:

Higgs Boson Blues by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from Push The Sky Away of 2013:

Little Rascals by Sun Kil Moon from Universal Themes of 2015:

Today’s artists by country’s are seven Aussies, couple of Americans and one English, if anyone cares about that kind-of thingy? I don’t think any musos appears in double songs above? The only thing I can think of is Gareth Liddiard did produced the Batpiss album. Overall now after the last six decades the very top artist is now easy Nick Cave who’s in five of the six, you know? NOT really a huge shock really if you’ve been following this blog of mine for a while? Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds had four of those spots, off course my rules was only one track per decade’s post. Top 21st century artists was NC&TBS, Radiohead, HTRK plus Gareth Liddiard and The Drones are pretty much the same songwriter/artist tooooooo! Sun Kil Moon songwriter was working under the name or maybe should be was in the band called Red House Painters in the 90’s, Adalita gone solo above but was in the band Magic Dirt in my 90’s list tooo and Radiohead was in yesterday’s 2000’s list. That’s all the doubles etc. I can think of? If anyone really cares? Here’s links toooo the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s was only posted yesterday, you know?

Please do share your own fave songs of 2010’s with me, if you’ll like tooo? I would really love to know?

It’s very last wicked horror movie still so yeah, now NOT bloody American pollies as my feature image so I’ve picked today…

Lupita Nyong’o as Adelaide Wilson’s Red in Us of 2019!

Cheers! 🙂


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