Top 10 Tracks: Cover Versions list

Here comes my favorite cover songs of all-time today, lucky everyone out there! Finished all those six decade’s TTT yesterday so now it’s anyone covering anything from any time period but one track pre artist rule still applies today, OK? Tiny intro over because let’s just get on with the music!

If You Want Blood by Mark Kozelek from What’s Next to the Moon album of 2001. Originally by Bon Scott’s AC/DC in 1979 on Highway to Hell album:

Me and the Devil by Gil Scott-Heron from I’m New Here album of 2010. Originally by Robert Johnson in 1938 on a 78 single:

Sweetheart (A.K.A. Love You) by HTRK as B-side on Eat Yr Heart single of 2011. Originally by Suicide in 1980 on Suicide’s second self-titled album sometimes called the Alan Vega and Martin Rev album:

I Started a Joke by Faith No More as B-side on Digging the Grave single of 2005. Originally by Bee Gees in 1968 on Idea album:

The Way I Made You Feel by Jimmy Little from Messenger album of 1999. Originally by Ed Kuepper in 1991 on Honey Steel’s Gold album:

Mr. Pharmacist by The Fall from Bend Sinister album of 1986. Originally by The Other Half in 1966 as a 45 single:

Fever by The Cramps from Songs the Lord Taught Us album in 1980. Originally by Little Willie John in 1956 as a 45 single:

Private Life by Grace Jones from Warm Leatherette album of 1980. Originally by The Pretenders in 1979 on self-titled debut album:

Gloria by Patti Smith from Horses album of 1975. Originally by Them in 1964 as 45 single:

River of Tears by The Drones from Cannot Buy My Soul: The Songs of Kev Carmody compilation tribute album in 2007. Originally by Kev Carmody in 1991 on Eulogy (for a Black Person) album:

I don’t think there is any rhyme and reason going on here above, I can’t give you a good reason or whatever what makes a wicked great cover? But those are just my own favorites of all-time! I know some peeps don’t dig covers at all but I guess, if you don’t like any you wouldn’t be looking/listening to this post? Some of these cover songs did get video clips made at some point but it seems I’ve NOT embedded any above, I don’t know why? More Americans this time, if anyone care’s where they’re from? A couple of these songs originals were in those TTT decades posts, that was Bee Gees’ in 60’s and Ed Kuepper’s in 90’s. So could they be the very best tracks of all-time? Maybe, they’re the doubles but I don’t know if I could say that? Finally no bloody Nick Cave, he missed out which might be worth to note or maybe NOT? What else? I don’t know so that could be it for today!

Oh yeah, wanna share some of your own very fave covers with me, please do?

Today’ s feature image is a painting/artwork by Aussie visual artist Jon Campbell entitled It’s a world full of cover versions of 2017 in an artist’s book which can be found in Art Gallery of NSW, linked here!

Cheers! 🙂



  1. Thanks for the list. I always enjoy hearing cover versions because I have discovered so much music from them, whether it is from an artist that I know that covered someone that I didn’t and learn of them or of someone I didn’t know covering a song from someone I did like. Thanks.

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