Song of the Day: Amphetamine Logic by The Sisters Of Mercy

As you can see this Wednesday morning, I’m finally bring back my SOTD posts a couple of days into November because I’ve NOT been very bloggy in the last couple or maybe more months since stopping doing them! NOT really coming up with anything else to replace but I guess, I’ve having a bit of a break from blogging but still randomly posting mainly putting up a big-ish posts of more than one song. NOT that these posts set seem to be limited to only one, mainly I’ll included the full album that whatever the song is from or maybe, sometimes things might get a bit more random? So I no doubt this with NOT be daily or with NOT end up doing it every day of the week, month, year, decade, century because it doesn’t seem I can do daily posts anymore but I guess, we’ll see?

That’s a little intro paragraph just above with nothing at all about The Sisters Of Mercy but just above that, you can watch live footage of them playing Amphetamine Logic and just below this is all the words so you can sing along, if you wanna? Then the full album of their debut entitled First and Last and Always of 1985, if you wanna have a listen? I’m saving my random gibber about it/them to the very end plus also got a bit of a bonus kind-of related album tagged on very the end tooo!

Amphetamine Logic lyrics are:

Watch them do
The falling over
Watch them do
The standing still
Nothing but the knife to live for
One life, all I need
Give me one good reason
Give me more S….
And the women come and go
Talking about me like they know
Bought and sold
And the world keeps turning
People cold
And people burning
Nothing but the knife to live for
One life, all I need
Give me one good reason
Give me more S….
Nothing but the knife to live for
One life, all I need
Give me one good reason
Give me more S…. (Amphetamine Logic)
Hit up
Steel in hand
Lit up
Like candles
Like Catherine wheels
Nothing but the knife to live for
One life, all I need
Give me one good reason
Give me more S…. (Amphetmine Logic)

Here’s a little about them now, they’re English if you can’t tell or know nothing about them? File under: goth rock so should really posted it for Halloween a few of days ago, just a tiny bit late for that! A bit about the bands members now: Gary Marx wrote the music for this feature song and almost all the music on that debut LP. But Marx also did leaved the band in 1985 which was the year of that album was released, already said that. Andrew Eldritch wrote all the words being the lead singer front-man and I guess, has been really the main member of The Sisters Of Mercy. They’re still together but worth to say they haven’t released any brand new music since around the late 90’s or something? Presently which that’s for very, very, very longtime only are a touring band or you could call them a nostalgic act, I guess? If bands can tour which seem like that’s starting to happening again, a bit! I remember seeing them live at some point and I have to say it wasn’t the greatest live show but still love them. I think, I was saying something about it when blogging about those live gigs/early 90’s Reading fest posts a month or two ago. Who else has seem them live? Anyway I would say Amphetamine Logic is one of the better tracks from that debut album and it’s off course a drug song so I gotta love that! Anyway what do think? Do you ever dig The Sisters Of Mercy tooo? Or just never got into them in anyway at all or you could totally hated them back in the day?

BTW did you know Gary Max was invited back into The Sisters Of Mercy by Eldritch in mid-90’s, he wrote a whole pile of tracks that were never used or recorded by the band around that time. He released them with Eldritch blessing as solo album later on in the 2000’s. It’s entitled Nineteen Ninety Five And Nowhere which you can find on Bandcamp, including just below if anyone wants to check it out?

An early line-up of TSOM which sometimes this photo was used on the back cover of the First And Last And Always album or maybe, on the inside depending what kind-of copy you got?

Cheers! 🙂


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