Song of the Day: Ambivalence by Pin Group

In mathematics, the pin group is a certain subgroup of the Clifford algebra associated to a quadratic space. It maps 2-to-1 to the orthogonal group, just as the spin group maps 2-to-1 to the special orthogonal group.

In general the map from the Pin group to the orthogonal group is not onto or a universal covering space, but if the quadratic form is definite (and dimension is greater than 2), it is both.

The non-trivial element of the kernel is denoted {\displaystyle -1,}-1, which should not be confused with the orthogonal transform of reflection through the origin, generally denoted {\displaystyle -I.}{\displaystyle -I.}

So that’s all about “Pin group” in maths which makes zero sense to me, what about you? It’s cut and paste from the Wikipedia, liked here for even more info about that and NOT the band of the same name. Wikipedia also does have a page about “PIN Group” which was a German courier/postal services company from 1999-2005 that’s no longer working but has nothing about the New Zealand early 80’s band called the Pin Group! I guess, they were only together for something like 17 months and never really releasing a full length album but put out a small pile of singles/EPs back in 1981-82. They were a part of the early 80’s Christchurch, New Zealand scene and are on the wicked record label called Flying Nun, who’s put together a couple of comp albums of all their stuff, see far below. Reminding anyone out there looking at today’s post, I totally love every single act on Flying Nun label! Some are more well-known than today’s band but all are well worth your time, in my opinion you know? The Pin Group members were Roy Montgomery (guitar, vocals), Desmond Brice then Ross Humphries (bass, vocals), and Peter Stapleton (drums) and in the later months members were also Mary Heney (guitar, backing vocals) and Peter Fryer (violin). Thanks to Discogs website for having something about them, linked here. A beyond wicked great write-up in huge epic details can be found linked here on audioculture NZ, check if you wanna know way more about them? Who out there knows of this band or doesn’t known them? Hope it’s NOT a bad introduced or reminder of Pin Group?

OK, next bit is nothing to do the band Pin Group but just to remind everyone out there what the hell is happening on my tiny blog now for my SOTD posts because before bring them back, I’ve NOT done any of these since it seems since July! So you might haven’t a clue what’s going on? The idea is just posting songs just starting with the letter “A” songs, going very vaguely in alphabetic-ly order but I’m really NOT that good at that bit, you know? I’m right now around tracks beginning with letters “Am” but as you can see/hear in today’s track next letter is “B” and yesterday’s it was the letter “P” maybe, I should try a bit harder? Nope, I don’t that’s going to happen somehow! All the past posts can be found under this tag, linked here if you like more or missed them all the first time or whatever? I’m far from doing every single song I can think of because it’s heavy edited or careful selected but I can’t really tell why I post this and NOT that! Some are favorite songs but some aren’t tooo, just think it will wicked cool to blog about whatever it is? Hopefully that help you to tell what the hell is going on my little blog now! The last few months I seem to be blogging less so maybe, bring this back I might do it a little more? Does that kind-of explain this? Do you understand? Amazing this makes it two days in a row blogging for me!

Anyway here everything the Pin Group recorded compiled in one place, Ambivalence is a comp album named after today’s song I’m blogging about and has a couple of recordings of that track on it!

It’s Pin Group playing live back in the 80’s which these pics are some of the only photos of this band, you know?

Cheers! 🙂


  1. Hi William, Great to read your blogs whenever or however fast and thick they appear or not. Loved the pin group explanation and link. I read shit that just because someone points me there. Whether or not I can grasp the fundamental basics is up to how it’s explained and some Maths and Science gurus are really good at it and funny. I’m quite old to be listening to this type of music and my kids think I’ve finally lost my last marble. Who gives a flying … I don’t! Don’t worry about the alphabet thing. random is great! Thanks.

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    1. Hey lizziesox again, so very glad you’ve been enjoy my little blog! i have to say i don’t know if you’re never toooo old for music you enjoy? But I’ve been told your tooooo old to be wearing band t-shirts, you should grow-up etc. It’s more about supporting artists i dig, like the blogging and sharing music here! Even if it’s only one going to get one more play or something that’s cool to me! Your kids thinking you’ve lost your marbles is pretty wicked funny to me but should say having a bit more open mind is better that having a closed one, you know what i mean?
      Cheers yet again and have a great weekend 🙂

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  2. WordPress wouldn’t let me be just Lizi. Just sayin…..lizziesox is a derivative of my whole name Lizzie Silcox but my dad was always Grandpasox so I took it.

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    1. LOL it’s a wicked nickname or whatever it is! Should i called you just Lizi? WordPress is sometime a bit tricky, I guess you’ve just starting to use it? Ask away if you wanna and I’ll see if I can help down this end? So did that work for that playlist you was looking for or not?
      Cheers 🙂


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